Friday, June 21, 2013

Rambling away.....

 Mr. Milo is so quiet
and sneaky I didn't realize, while I was on the computer
he had curled up behind me.....
Whats your favorite salad topping?
I'm looking for some new ideas.
Fondue or Beans?
This sweet little family came to visit....
Mimi had a friend over and I always love how they
convert every square inch into Barbie town....

Mimi's thrifted treasures.....
and last George trying to get in on the action......

I hope you all had a lovely week,


  1. I've heard that yellow cats like Milo are very much more oriented to the family and maybe even have a favorite. It's so lovely that he wants to be with you. Diane

  2. love your cat. love your pup. LOVE the moose twins!!!

  3. The Baby Moose are sooo tiny compared to Mama Moose. It think it's so wonderful they come to visit you. I always love your pictures of Mr Milo. I have a soft spot in my heart for yellow kitty-cats. For fun toppings on a green salad I like crumbled cheese (blue cheese, goat cheese, etc...) , dried cranberries, slices of orange or apple or avacado, nuts or sunflower seeds.

  4. So nice pictures. Love it all. Would have liked to play in that Barbie-town. And George is fantastic. Like a teddy-bear.
    Have a fine week-end. D

  5. Your animals look so cute and cosy. I love the colour of your fondu set! As to salad, I am very uninventive, but being summer and growing lettuce in the garden, I have been looking on line- loads to choose from, and Jamie Oliver does simple jam jar dressings.

  6. Minted plain yogurt is a very fresh salad dressing..... Love your ramblings! Love that you have Moose and mini-Moose top visit! Have a great weekend X

  7. Lovely pictures Heidi! What a beautiful room Mimi has. Wishing you a happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  8. I love your sweet Mr Milo, gorgeous puss. The moose family are really fun! Were they close to the house? Havn't seen one here since last Autumn. Mimi's thrift finds are very impressive l must say, clever girl! My boys love thrifting too (NOT my daughter though ;-) ). I remember my sister and l used to make dolls' town all over my parent's bedroom, such fun. Hope you have a really nice weekend Heidi, hugs Pam

  9. gosh, yes. productive week both out and indoors, thanks for asking. you're keeping yourselves well entertained, i see... n♥

  10. What a lovely colourful home you have complete with furry friends! So sweet.

    One salad dressing I have made in the past is with a low fat yoghurt and a squeeze of half a lemon a blitz of ground black pepper! Very nice particularly with some chicken.

    Aww cute moose. So sweet you get to see them.

    P x

  11. I love your visitors!!
    So good to see that little girls still enjoy playing with Barbie.

  12. Dear Heidi,…once I'll come along and visit you (and all your moose!!) ;-) I saw one moose last week next to the highway but I couldn't stop to make a photo of her ;-(
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. ♥ I love all!!!Have a happy day,my dear friend! xxx Riitta

  14. Mr Milo looks nice...and lazy!
    The moose family is amazing! That's something different as cows the backyard!They don't exist here in Netherlands...
    Mimis room is girlsheaven; I think...
    greetings from Fleur in de polder

  15. nice pies . great pics on you blog

  16. So special to have a hole moosefamily in your garden.
    Have a nice week, lieve groetjes

  17. aahhh I always love to see the moose visiting you and this time with 2 little babies so adorable :-) Looks like the girls had fun :-) And well little George you just have to love him :-) dee x