Saturday, June 8, 2013

Russian River......and George!

 We have been having lovely weather here in Alaska
and between being super busy getting this estate sale all ready.....
 It's just been to nice to be sitting in front of a computer....
so I wanted to apologize for not visiting you but after are never 
ending winter I'm sure you understand with views like this!
 I went with a group of friends on this hike yesterday. 
Its one we had done last year buts, 
its always beautiful and a great one to take with little kids!
Yesterday my little George had a seizure.....
I guess this is common with little dogs
but it was quite scary....
and I pray he never has another one!

I hope your all having sunny days.
Take care, 


  1. i do hope it is a rare occurrence and not a symptom of something else! i know that is terrifying. i had my medium-sized dog go through several of them years ago.

  2. Poor George! (and you!) I didn't know that was common for small dogs...

  3. Oh dear poor George; hope you (& George) don't have to go through that again.

  4. Wow beautiful the mountains,how sad for youre little George,greetings Musje.

  5. Poor little guy. He can come over and live a little while with Lola, since they both like to ly at the carpet, down at our feet, they would make a lovely pair!

    And the nature you live in! Wow! Wish I lived in Alaska! So pretty!

  6. Oh, poor George an is so frightening when that happens.

    Beautiful hike, so glad that your weather has been good, ours has been lovely too. xo

  7. Looks like a beautiful hike, what a joy after a long hard winter! Poor little George, not a nice experience for you or him. I had an English Setter with epilepsy for nine years. Poor dear, but he had a good life. Enjoy your lovely weather to the full, hugs Pam

  8. Hope the little fellow is feeling better. I know the scary feeling when there is nothing one can do.

  9. that walk looks everything it should be, the pictures are lovely! they remind me of a summer elsewhere.
    normal for small dogs, seizures? ererregghgh.

  10. Oh, poor little George! And how terrifying!
    I hope he never has another one, too. Bet you're realy enjoying being able to get outside finally.

  11. Oh my gosh Heidi, that must have been very scary. He is so adorable and sweet, I hope he never has another one! I can't imagine how terrifying that was. He always makes me smile when I see him.
    Chris :o)

  12. You you live in an amazing place! Such views! Hope little George is ok :) x

  13. Such amazing scenery Heidi. I would have loved to go on a hike with you too :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  14. Dear Heidi,

    pure George !! Hope he ist ok !
    Like the amazing river scenery. Here the winter was also sooo long.

    Have a nice week.

  15. Oh poor little George, I hope he's OK now - how frightening for him and for you all.

    Yes, you have to make the most of this lovely weather when its around, it seems to go all too soon, and we too have had a long wait for the warm weather this year.
    Give George a hug from me and Logan sends him a lick!
    Gill xx

  16. What? Poor Georgie!!! I didn't know that was common. Hum. I am sure that stressed you out! Wow. Beautiful pictures of your hike too! Great seeing you last night! Thanks for coming.

  17. Have fun enjoying your lovely weather! It has been so lovely here too...Sending my love to George...that would of been a bit scary. xo

  18. Beautuful nature and sweet litle dog! :)

  19. Poor little dog. I hope he's ok. Lovely pictures. Annet

  20. Heidi I'm so sorry to hear about your little George, it must have been frightening for you. Let's hope it was a one off.
    I love seeing pictures of the beautiful place you live, enjoy that sunshine.

  21. Spectacular views...I especially like the first one.

  22. I am so sorry to hear that George had a seizer they are very scary. Midi the greyhound we have adopted suffers with Epilepsy and he had his first fit with us last week during the early hours of the morning and it wasn't nice at all 3 hours from start to finish until he started to get back to normal. I hope George doesn't get any more Midi is on Medication but I have just changed his diet to a cereal, gluten, no added preservatives free one its a bit expensive but it seems to have settled his tummy and bowel down so fingers crossed. Hugs to you, dee x