Monday, January 30, 2012

Alaskan art for free and yet another moose.....

 A friend gave me a set of these adorable posters after I admired hers...
 They are free promotional posters and if you are interested anyone can order them
 along with postcards and stickers....
 I think they are so cute.
 Just for the Halibut.....note to self if ever traveling through even though you are tempted
to use this line....pass....I'd be a rich woman if I had a nickel for every time I heard this....
 Here's the link if your interested in supporting our seafood
 and some free art in exchange....
 I had a little sweet yearling over the weekend stop for a visit.....
what a cutie....On Friday evening we stopped at Fred Meyer
for a few things and there was a little yearling right by
the front entry my picture on my phone was to dark to show you....
I know some of you have asked if they are dangerous and yes
especially the Momma's with babies aren't we all though....
The real danger is hitting them on the road while driving
a couple of weeks ago there was one in the middle of the road
and we started to slide and it was like a guardian angel just straightened us right out 
and we avoided hitting another oncoming car and the moose....
so much to be thankful for, it happens so fast!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. He is cute but I'm not sure I'd want to come face to face with a biggy. I always remember visiting a museum with my grandparents when I was little. We went every time I stayed with them but I was petrified of the room with the moose in and can still remember trying not to look at it!!

  2. Oh Heidi…I love your pictures so much…the paintings are amazing…and the moose…little cute one…OH, I'm really looking forward moving to Sweden…snow…and moose! I already told my husband that I'll like to have a house with a large garden with moose in it…like your place ;O) If we don't find it there…we have to move to Alaska…I told him ;O) *smile*
    Have a nice week, Heidi!

  3. I love your Alaskan art!!!! The graphics and colors are wonderful!!! I am going to see if I can get myself a set...the crab is my favorite!!!
    Thank goodness for your Angel!!!! I am very thankful that you are all safe!!
    Chris :o)

  4. Love the seafood art! And the moose, of course :)

  5. thank goodness you were safe (and the moose on the road, too!) i know whitetail deer cause a lot of wrecks here in the lower areas; i can only imagine how much worse a moose accident would be...

  6. The Alaskan art is fantastic Heidi, so colourful and vibrant. x

  7. In the fall, we have the same problem with white tail deer darting across the road. The colors on the "free" posters are outstanding.

  8. Our Fred Meyer's stores left Utah - apparently, they went to Alaska. Great shots.

  9. That IS a sweet looking little moose. Glad you're safe, so many dangers there. The posters are great. Diane

  10. Hej Heidi, lovely seafood posters.
    What a cute moose, so wonderful to meet.
    Lieve groetjes,

  11. love the
    1930's feel
    to your
    fishy delights
    and thanks be
    to guardian


  12. i quite love that alaskan art, it is so graphic...
    those moose....