Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well here's a start ,Mrs.Birdie Blue....

 Last week I was having a hard time thinking of things to talk and post about
 and Birdie Blue asked me a question, what do I collect.......well this was just what I needed
to get me going and then over at Troc broc & recup  Floss is having a challenge
The thrills of what you already have......
After having an antique shop for almost 9 years and closing, what didn't
sell I decorated back into our home.
 The real question is what don't I collect......I owe half of my Starbucks
mugs which I hold dear to my heart are from my close friends.
They are from all over the world, I just love them!
 Of course Enamelware......
 I have 10 utensil racks.....When I decided to close the store I just put them away
I'm so glad, they just make me happy to see them on the walls I think they are
sometimes as beautiful as an oil painting!
 after having 2 sweet boys when we found out we were having a girl
Kaboom, my collecting went in many directions....I love these head vases.
 along with the storybook figurines....
 and vintage doll furniture along with many sets of children's tea sets.
 Madame Alexander dolls from 
Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
 from 4 to more......
 I have showed you a few post back how I had an apple and a lemon
and pear collection.....well heres a sneak at a few post to come....
 No I'm not a hoarder......am I......no
 then Paper napkins I now have 2 drawers full.......
 I know this is a silly thing to collect....
 I love to keep them in baskets for company or tea visits from friends....
I want to thank you all for brightening up my days
with all your sweet comments ....it was 25 below this morning
and I was out with a friend and her tire was low on air
so we stopped and she got back in the car and her hair was all frosted
and I laughed at her but then it all fell off, the frosted parts
I have never seen that before......have any of you?
crazy, well I'm off to visit you all!


  1. You mean her hair fell off or the frost?!!! I hope not her hair. I think you may have a slight hoarding problem but that's ok, it's at your house so you can hoard as much as you like. I also adore serviettes, but two drawers full! Do you ever use them? Too funny.

  2. You and I are so alike! I collect everything too ;) Really I have never heard any one else admit they collect paper napkins!! I feel so much better now I am not alone!! My roommate would be very envious of your Starbucks mugs. She wants the states but the cities are easier to find so her's are mixed. Paris is amazing!! Lucky you! Enjoy your collections it is what they are for!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Pure joy...I love your collections...my daughter collects Starbucks mugs too...she only has 4 though..but it is a start...thanks for sharing the joy. xoxoxo

  4. I so enjoyed this post, well I always enjoy your posts, but this one made me smile over and over with all of the fun and happy things you have...You are not hording, just collecting wonderful things! - That is so awful that your friends hair fell off at the frost line..yikes! I have never heard of that..ugh. xo

  5. Hi Heidi, what a great post! I love all of your collections, thanks for sharing. How cute are the little caterpillars, never seen anything like them.

    p.s i love the little red tea tin too, but I gifted it to my sister, who just loves tins.

  6. i sure am intrigued by that last black'n'white picture, heidi! enlighten me, please?
    and your house is a treasure trove! i love coming here, window shopping. i don't half feel like the girl with match sticks, looking in...
    a little less hungry, perhaps... ;)))

  7. I find it cold at 19 plus! I also love paper napkins and like to have different types. Friends from finland always bring me new designs from Marimekko.

  8. Your collections are stunning! I am going to have to pop off, make a cuppa, come back and have a proper look through all the gorgeous pics!

    Have a super day!


  9. I've never seen so many amazing collections all in one place, if you are a hoarder you have some beautiful hoards, I love the black and white image at the end of your post, so playful and happy.

    It sounds sooooo cold where you are........your poor friend. xx

  10. Blimey do you mean her hair fell off?? course no i have never seen that what a scary thought ;-) Love your collections you have some amazing items. Can't wait to see your apples and pears collection. Im loving the look of that tortioise in the front. Stay warm. dee x

  11. So many beautiful things to see, I love all your collections Heidi!!! I especially love your enamelware!!! But best of all, I feel so blessed to be your friend!!! Your Blog always makes me smile and it really helps warm my heart on these very cold days!!! ( Drove to work this morning and it was 20 below!!!!) I can't wait to see your posts to come!! Are those little snails? Wow, way cute!!!
    Stay warm!!
    Chris :o)

  12. vintage heaven- oh wowza that sure cheered me up ;)
    what a great idea xx

  13. Goodness me!!!!!!! What a lot of lovely collections you have there.....I find you can't have enough napkins, and you need different ones for different occasions!
    Just lovely x

  14. I can see why you love the beauty of your collections as your days are so cold & snowy. The colors must give you a wonderful "lift"!!
    Stay Warm !

  15. I thought I had collectamania but.....I can see I am not the only one....I too have some of the Peter Rabbit china figurines...... I even have lots of things stored in trunks...I just don't know where to put everything......ciao Alison

  16. omg
    no thanks
    but hey
    yes please
    to all
    stay warm
    my friend


  17. What a collection! Love the dolls.

  18. Loooove to see all your collections...it's so many :-)! 25 below zero and frosted hair... I cannot imagine how that feels! So cold! Your pictures of snow in your last post are amazing beautifull. Here still no snow...

  19. What an amazing collection you have Heidi! I especially love your collection of enamelware. It's so pretty! I will see if I can find a Dutch Starbucks mug for you when in Amsterdam or Utrecht.

    Much love,

    Madelief x

  20. perhaps the questions should have been, what DON'T you collect. :) ha ha!

    (btw, i just signed up as a follower thru GFC since i was tired of the feed coming through my internet feed so late!) :)

    stay warm!

  21. You have a grown play room! I love it!

    I’m a follower now!

  22. Just viewed your post again this morning!!!! I love that strawberry face....oh wow!!!! Super cute!!!
    Chris :o)

  23. oh, my word, your collections are absolutely amazing. love the peek into some of your goodies, heidi. so much fun. i think, should i ever be blessed with the pleasure of a visit to your lovely home in person, that i'd spend hours just looking at everything. you'd have to tell me to stop staring. love. it. all.

    love to hear the stories of where you found what, too, sometime. like for instance that completely adorable matching blue set of doll furniture?

  24. p.s. if you ever need something in particular from target, i'd be glad to pick it up for you and save you the long distance trip.

    p.p.s. i've a thing for collecting napkins, too.

  25. HI...I hoped over here from Bluebird Notes blog. I enjoying visiting new blogs and people.
    You have some fun collections. I can't believe how fun that would be to have owned an antique store. Whenever I see them, I have to go in.
    They conjure up a lot of memories and conversations.
    I always buy paper napkins for my parents....They live 4 hours away from me, and everytime I go to visit, I take them a new one.

  26. Oh my god - All those lovely things! I want it all! - Well not it all (because then we have got to get a bigger house), but i really want a lot of all your great stuff!

  27. NO! You're not a hoarder, you're a collector. And you have so many wonderful things. Love the Starbucks, too. And the moose. How wonderful to have them come to visit you (not sure how George feels about it). Blessings, Diane