Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Weekend.....

 Yesterday I spent the entire day today although at 2:07 I'm still in my comfy robe....
But I have done zero baking!
 Check out these sweet little boots I found for Mimi at the thrift store
they are like brand new...probably because the previous princes refused
to wear them also...
 Meet Miss cute is she!
 She was on Mimi's Christmas list....
 so a tea party is always welcome

 I had some blank vintage paint canvas's that Mimi finished for me....not bad!

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Moose Moose everyday........
Have a wonderful weekend ,see you Monday!


  1. Loving your tea party with the stylish Julie. what a groovy doll, love her dress.
    The boots are a terrific find, I hope they get some wear.
    Outside your house looks like fairy tale land to me, how magical.

  2. still love your moose yard pets! :)

  3. ...... and I thought white tail deer were a problem in the yard!!??!! I know moose can be dangerous too!!
    Take Care & Stay Warm!!

  4. wel i think that dolly tea party looks like a lot of fun, love your daughter's newest doll. love the red boots, too. i bet mr. moose was just waiting around hoping to be asked to join the party.

    stay warm, my friend.

  5. A very lovely tea party indeed...what a cute doll for Mimi! You have a good weekend too friend! xo

  6. Love that tea set, and those boots, red boots would be a must for me in an op shop too. And gratuitous moose shots always appreciated. melx

  7. Red boots! My g'daughter would love them-I bet Mimi does.
    Oh, I wish I had your moose in my yard!
    They are such beautiful creatures!

  8. I love this groovy, colourful post. Can you tell us some more about Miss Julie? I think she's fabulous ... and her dress!

    And your little poodle. He's beautiful.

    Moose. I don't know which I like better - a moose or a blue-tongue lizard?

  9. I'd love to attend your tea party, and the red boots are gorgeous...not much planned this weekend, watching a few movies, going out to dinner tonight, and hopefully spend a quiet day tomorrow before Carl goes back to work Monday from holidays. The kids start the school year in a weeks time so will be sorting out the house in the meantime. I hope you have a relaxing rest of the weekend, Tam x

  10. Is that a moose in your backyard?

    I love this post so funny because I can realate to the baking and the boots. Ha! Too funny!! xx

  11. Mr Moose looks rather comfy there! Have a great weekend!

  12. And a great weekend to you too! Miss Julie are really pretty:-)

  13. ;-))) Those moose pictures are fab ;-)) Are they ok to be walking around? Miss Julie is beautiful and so are those red boots. Have a fab weekend, dee x

  14. Lucky Mimi, those boots are delicious! Loving seeing all your colourful photos (and wildlife!)

  15. Love your little tea party with this cute little lady :O)
    ..But most I love these giants in your garden, Heidi *smile*
    Have a nice weekend!
    PS: I'm still stop writing on my first blog but I'll very happy if you'll come to
    visit me here:
    There is a google- translation at the right side ;O)

  16. Hej Heidi

    Miss Julie and Afternoon Tea lol!
    LOVE Mimi's red boots I thought they were yours..and I might just have to jump on a plane and fight you for them ;-) x
    A moose in your garden your so lucky.
    Have a wonderful weekend my lovely

  17. Yay for Moose! Great pics, love those boots too :o) Scarlett x

  18. Great photos especially of the little tea party.

  19. What a sweet little tea party! So colorful and Miss Julie looks like a perfect guest. George looks so comfortable on the pretty pink and he looks like he'd rather not be disturbed. Love the pictures of the moose, they look quite comfortable roaming around your house. Diane

  20. Lovely boot, I would wear them. You make my weekend happier with this wonderful colorful blog, the snow and the moose.
    Regards, Annet

  21. Hi Heidi,

    Love the colourful tea party, Mimi, you and miss Julie had :-)! At first I thought Mimi's boots were yours. I like them very much. She must be very happy with them!

    Lieve groet & Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

  22. Hello Heidi... What a fun tea party. Did you bake tiny little cookies?

  23. Hej Heidi,I love teaparty's! It looks so colorful. Ans thank you for the moose pictures!
    Have a nice sunday, lieve groet

  24. i love the red boots and dolly tea party...the colurs are wonderful...wowza a moose!! xx

  25. i see the moose are back à la carte... i just can't picture this, hopefully one day i'll be staring at them, in real life. it will scare me, but i will be THRILLED! oh, let me dream, right??!!
    the weekend was SO busy i am at a loss, here and now, at six pm. i haven't done half of what needed to be done!
    oh joy! monday! back to work.... tee-hee...

  26. i would like lovely miss julie's dress for sure and those cute boots....loving Mr Moose too x x x x

  27. I adore the colours in this post! Warm inside and cold outside... Thanks for your comment. Ben's wood stacks are always very impressive - he does love to do a job perfectly (but slowly, I have to say). I guess you have other sources of heat - for us, the wood fire and an occasional oil burner are all we need, so we do get through a lot of wood (most of it free, gathered by Ben from the woodlands owned by his workplace, whenever they give him permission).

  28. Your weekend looks like it was wonderful!!! Ours was quiet, but very happy.

  29. Dear Polkadot Petticoat
    Could you please contact me?
    I would like to feature you
    on my post tomorrow, but I
    would like to have a couple of
    photos to show. Do you mind?
    If not, can you send me two photos
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    Let me know soon!! thanks-Kimberly

  30. i'd kill
    for those
    but sadly
    i'd kill
    the doll
    just call
    me meanie


  31. Oh Ok, i'll repeat myself - i bought one of my girls cowboy boots once & they also refused to wear them, i was heart broken, clearly they didn't love them as much as i did & i couldn't squish my feet into them. Sigh, love Posie

  32. Oh, I want to have one of those in my garden as well...not just the deer :)
    Greetings from Scotland