Saturday, January 7, 2012

A mixed up post....

I bought this magazine for my friend Amanda for Christmas from
and she lent it back to is amazing!!
How cute is she
I loved these nightstands and the art.
What a great light and space.....
not to mention what a great way to store and display books!
love this
look at the great chair
pretty in pink

loved all these lamps clustered.....I think the bulbs make it.
The other morning the sky was so didn't show up very well though!
A huge congratulations to our middle son......drum roll
he won the geography bee at school!
George went to the hairdresser , now Mimi needs to go.
Check out this vintage tray I found its kind of industrial
and mirrored and you can see its kind of wearing off.

We have had zero to below zero temps
 all week and today it hit 10 degrees at my house finally
and it snowed all day every thing looked so pretty outside.
I heard Valdez, Alaska has received 18 feet of snow so far this winter.
I can't even imagine.....can you?


  1. I love this mixed up post! First a big congratulations to your son for winning the geography bee..good job!! Mimi is so cute showing off Georges new 'do'. - Nice tray, you find the best things. - Bundle up and keep warm and have a nice weekend my friend! xxoo

  2. I LOVE the pic of your daughter and your doggie. So cute.

    BTW, I just wrote about managing midwinter. I am sure the air and the sky are much more severe/dramatic where you live.


  3. 18 feet!!! No, I can't imagine. the mag looks wonderful. The cat looks comfortable in the loft home and your George looks quite handsome with his new do. I'm glad you got a pic of the pink sky, I think it shows up beautifully, what a great view you have. Blessings, Diane

  4. I forgot to congratulate your son. Congratulations!!! Geography! That takes a lot of knowledge!

  5. Awesome, you know the rest of the world considers Americans to be UScentric in their georgraphy & no, Australia is not in Europe, between Germany & Italy!! A medal & everything, that is awesome. Congratulations, you can come & visit us in Australia anytime!!
    My son needs a hair cut & our German Shepherd needs a nice wash, hmmm . . . never ending all this maintenance.
    Loved your comment on my blog, shudder, people think i'm older than i really am, basically as they can't figure anyone doing 2 degrees then having 4 children in their 20s. I can never pick people's ages, many mums at high school are 20-25 years older than me, whatever, we're all different. Love Posie

  6. i can't imagine and i miss the snow!
    now, thxs for this peak at anthropologie. i only know when i hit london and the flagship shop i totally swoon, spend hours and actually feel i'm living inside a mag. honestly, window shopping only, but we all know that.... tee hee..

  7. That magazine is gorgeous! That little old lady! Isn't she all class!

    Congrats Middle Son! Clever lad!

    George ...mwah! Love you, cute puppy dawg.

  8. What a great magazine. I love the flowercarpet and gamla stan of course.
    Congratulations to your son.
    Have a nice sunday, lieve groetjes

  9. Congratulations to your son and I love that vintage tray! so very pretty.

  10. Mmm magazine looks fab. Thanks for sharing. Lovely ideas just on those few pages!

  11. Hi! So lovely pictures! Have a nice day!

  12. Love the tray. The sky looks so pretty. I suppose you're geared up for the snow, in the UK the country grinds to a halt with just a few inches.

  13. What a great magazine! Our winter has been so incredibly mild this year. If it keeps up all of my spring bulbs will be flowering in February/March. Crazy weather. I really wouldn't mind a weekend of snow. Have a great Sunday.

  14. Lovely mag!! George looks great and Congrats to your boy! You have had a great week!
    Hugs, Lisa

  15. aahhh you children are adorable congratulations to your son clever chap ;-)) Books and mags are such a great inspiration i love looking at them to. I can't imagain that amount of snow at all but i agree it looks so pretty that pink sky is very pretty. Keep warm, dee xx

  16. hello lovely, well done to your son x and isnt your little girl cute- dont chop the locks off too much hehe ;0)...your home looks more special than the magazines style x love the view of the pink sky against the snowy scene too ;0)

  17. A big congratulations on the geography bee! Well done!

    Lovely photos, the magazine looks very interesting. Love the tray, a little birdie love.

    Stay warm Tam x

  18. Hi - lovely roundup here! Aren't your children great? My son has a friend who looks a little like your clever son - he's half French, half Swiss. Blondes are unusual around here! My son seems to have made friends with all of them...

    Thanks for your comment. We can keep eating those goodies until the end of January, technically! But I think we've more or less stopped, as they are costly and calorific, sadly. And anyway, it's more fun if you only have them for a short period each year.

  19. Well done to your son! I loved all the pictures, I just love, love, love that shop.

    Lou x x x

  20. I always love to see pics of your part of the world, happy new year to you and your family
    x x x x Jane x x x x

  21. interior shots
    to die for
    studious son
    pretty gal
    clean hound
    looking great
    in h land
    except for the


  22. Oh Heidi,...lovely pictures! And my congratulations to your son!!
    I hope you had a nice x-mas time...and wish you a happy New Year!
    ...oh, I wish we had any's to warm here for the winter ;o(

  23. Congratulations to your son, what a great achievement!!!! Loved the post Heidi!!!! I'm glad we don't have Valdez's snowfall, it would be like living in a maze!!!!
    Stay warm!!
    Chris :o)

  24. Fun pics-love the ladder shelf! Geography impressive
    !! Happy new year to you.

  25. This magazine looks amazing...I will have to hunt it down. Congratulations to your sweet son and NO I can not image that much snow!!! None here yet.
    Hugs for a great rest of your week. xoxoxxo