Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stuck in the snow with nothing to say......

 I have always been so excited to blog....
 and this January.......I just have nothing to say!
 Maybe because we have had such a cold winter we have been stuck
inside more than normal....
 Lots and lots of snow.....
I want to thank Karen from 
Alaska Blue Moose
for her warm hospitality and tea this morning and for sharing her Beautiful home with me!!!
and my lovely wreath from my afternoon tea visit
with Emily and Becca.

So nice to visit with such talented ladies
Just the inspiration I needed.

Are any of you stuck in a rut this January?


  1. I looks like your weather will be coming our way in a few days...maybe you'll get a break then! xo

  2. i know exactly what you mean... january can be a little grey. hopefully, the sun will shine for you tomorrow.

    just a thought, i would love to learn more about the various things you collect.

    take care, my friend.

  3. Here in Michigan it has been warm considering - 35-40's. No snow, plus lots of sunshine. I am afraid winter will make up for lost time for us and soon we will have gray skies and dirty dingy snow covering our ground after it has all been plowed

  4. You don't need words, your pics are fab. We are still on 6 weeks of school holidays- only one to go! I am loving seeing all that snow as our winters are so mild and tropical we are lucky to get even one decidous tree for miles around. Perhaps you could whip up a snowman or an igloo or a snowball fight for our viewing pleasure. melx

  5. Not the same as you. It is too hot here and I am not bragging. I would love some winter weather. I have missed the hibernating and straight to the clean up and out! Then I saw my storage unit today, UGH!!
    I hope your tea was great! My blog was hacked so I have started a new one. Please stop by when you can.
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Oh you poor thing I grew up in Minnesota, so I know snow, now living and loving Orlando. I have heard people say there has not been a lot of snow yet this year, spring is right around the corner..hang in there!!


  7. Thank YOU, my dear dear friend for stopping by. Please plan on another visit or vis-versa when I am not doing part-time; we need it for "inspiration." Hugs and love, K

  8. th esnow it lokks like a fairy tail, i wish you a happy weekend, irmaXXX

  9. Hi; Well here in Holland we are still waiting for one snowflock....It's realy not winter here; there are snowdrops blooming yet and birds singing- temp. 10C!
    Next days it will be VERY COLD( ha, ha): 2C at day and -2C at night....not like Alaska.
    For me it looks cosy and warm inside your house, but I can imagine you also look forward to spring,
    greetings Fleur

  10. Hej Heidi, I love the pictures, inside and outside. Maybe a housswap next year in January ;) I would love it.
    Lieve groetjes

  11. I have seen your huge amounts of snow.... I guess I would read a lot if it were here. Your photos are great as always!!
    Have a Great Day!

  12. We have had such a non-winter here. I am a little jealous of your snow, maybe a lot. Just one snowed in weekend would be great. For now I will "make due" with your winter wonderland pictures. Love! your fireplace stove. I think I see steam coming out of the kettle. Right? Totally cozy!

  13. i always feel cheated in England when we dont even get a sprinkling over the festive period...but i can imagine months of the white stuff can leave you feeling a little hemmed in!?
    your piccys feel me with warmth...that arm chair by the wood burner feels me with joyfulness - what a delightful patchwork throw on it...beautiful. x january can feel a long dark month here though, im thankful for the few sunny days in between xx

  14. Dear Heidi,

    we have no snow here but since two days it is very cold and the Tv said the snow will come the next days.
    Please, give me your adress and I will make two colourful potholders only for you!

    Have a nice weekend,

  15. Wow that is a lot of snow but it all looks so pretty. January is always a difficult month i think for everyone. Its dull after the throws of December and cold and damp. Roll on the spring when everything starts to come back to life us included ;-)) We are all part of nature. dee xx

  16. nope. but i'm usually down by february, so i've got my fair share in stall for me...
    i'm so sorry. you know? having not a thing to say can be pretty convincing too.

    wishing you well, under that gigantic blanket of snow... did you get it all and is that why we're not having any?

  17. i am getting there. running out of birds and wildlife this year.

  18. aww I know that feeling, last year was so bitterly cold here, we were snowed in.... gets abit tedious after a while doesn't it. Stay warm and cosy, xx

  19. Take Heart,Dear Heidi - I heard on Radio Scotland yesterday morning about all your snow in Alaska and immediately thought of you.The effects of your weather are far-reaching and you're not alone in wishing it all away for you!Soon your thoughts will turn to Spring and when the snow melts, think of all those little bulbs lying underneath their pretty (if inconvenient) white blanket just waiting to turn their faces upwards to the light to cheer everyone up. I don't mind January, it brings my Mother's and my Grandbaby's birthday and mine's the day after, though I've had too many of them to mind much these days. Sweet thoughts to you and

  20. Hello Heidi, you can send some this way if you like, But like you I'm sure I would get fed up with it. Not long and Spring will be with us.

    Lou x x x

    PS. they were crumpets In the picture, they are lovely!

  21. Oh bless you Hun...You may be stuck in the snow with nothing to say but your photographs are lovely and speak volumes...I hope the weather improves for you soon. We haven't even had a snowflake yet but I'm sure it's on its way. You take care.
    Hugs Debbie x

  22. We have been snow here at all yet this winter but we are suppose to get some this weekend...we will see...I am ready for Spring now that Christmas is over. oxxoxo Happy weekend.

  23. Oh, yes. Sometimes I have several things I want to share - other times I just stare at the computer trying to conjure up something intresting. Don't worry, somebody like you with so many things going on will soon have some interesting things to share. How are your kids doing? How is George making it through the winter, does he have a little coat that he wears outside? Enjoy the peace and quiet. Diane

  24. Our rut is called "Cabin Fever"!!! It's been a cold one, and springs not till May!!!
    That's why I'm outside gardening till 2:00 in the morning, I have to make up for all
    that indoor winter time!!!
    Sending hugs and smiles your way!!!
    Chris :o)

  25. Heidi, I'm most definitely in a blogging rut. I'm trying to get motivated.
    Wow you have soooo much snow, can you get out if you really needed too?

  26. Hi Heidi, January is hard as I find most people here are on holidays, the excitement and flurry of Christmas is over, work and the return to school is looming. I am sure that you will find your way again in the coming weeks, but it sure does look beautiful. Stay warm, Tam x

  27. Oh i love how that snow fell like a dome, so gorgeous!! Love Posie