Thursday, January 26, 2012

A room re-do, someones growing up.....

 Mimi has wanted some of her baby things as she calls them 
put away NOT given away this she was very clear on....
 I love all these sweet little things...
 so we started last night on a slightly less baby room re-do.
 These are all before pictures I guess I just wanted one last look
 Its hard when she's our last baby at 7 1/2
and we have a 12 1/2  and soon to be 17 year old
time flies and now I know too fast.....well we made a deal
to use only what we had....and heres what we found.
 Remember my garage sale butterflies.....
 and a friend had given me a sheet of reversible owl paper
and we had these fun frames that I had already painted
so we framed it....
 moved her dresser so she has a little vanity area now
perfume only....she has started a little vintage
avon bottle collection, she has 3 now.

 On Sunday her Grandma gave her a quilt she had made 
out of scraps....I wish I could have picked up some of this
sewing capabilities!!

remember this room that we just did in 
August well it got a re-do also Will share that tomorrow
we have been busy!


  1. Being busy is good, especially with those horrid temperatures you've been having!
    Mimi must be pretty happy with her room re-do! :-)

  2. Mimi is a lucky girl to have a mom that listens and then makes it looks great! xo

  3. i like the framed owl paper. very cute.

  4. Sheri she's spoiled and I'm bored...If only George would play cards with me sometimes!!

  5. My baby girl is about to be 41..... Hang on to them. They grow so fast. They are 5 & before you know it they are middle aged.
    Great job!!

  6. Great owls - they are really in style this year.

  7. What fun! I love doing with what you have. Makes it as fun as shopping only you have to think outside the box!
    Love the room!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. The room look gorgeous! The owls are sooo cute! I am sure Mimi will be very happy. Don't they grow up quickly. Now India's most un-favourite colour is pink!...sniff..sniff.

  9. Oh the grown up room looks great! How cute that she is already a collector, that is a great collection for a young person because they can be picked up so inexpensively!


  10. What a charming room for a young lady! You've done an excellent job, and, yes, it is so hard watching our "babies" grow up.


  11. Mimi has good taste. I love the owls especially!
    She is starting her styling young!

  12. Hello! So lovely room! I love!!! Hugs!

  13. Wauw, that looks just are growing up fast!
    I have an 11 year old girl and a 13 year old boy in the house :-)
    It's fun and storm all together!

  14. Mimi and you both have some great ideas. I'm sure she's going to love her "new" room. I love her little vanity with the avon bottles. Such a cute room! Diane

  15. I do like Mimi's new room. I'm glad she wanted to keep her old things ... that's very sweet.

    I was shocked to read that Marilyn's daughter is 41 and now middle-aged! I'm 40 and I'm is denial I think! Ha.

    I love everyone's comments on this post. They're all quite sweet.

  16. It looks really great - I love all the sweet little details. Especially her vintage bottles!

  17. Hi; It sure looks nice and cosy. Love the butterflies on the wall.
    Yes little babies grow up and soon she will be a little teenager with lots of perfume, make up etc...
    We had a lot of theme's for our girls room during the years;
    dolphins room, flowers-, chinese-, horses-, pinkroom,erc etc.
    Now they are 17 and 20 their rooms are; coffee and milk colours and really chic, ha,ha!
    greetings from Holland, fleur

  18. A charming room for a young lady:))) Beautiful!

  19. Hej Heidi
    Mimi's room is lovely!
    I LOVE how she is collecting already, Mimi your perfume bottles are so nice ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend

  20. I love the butterflies!! Mimi has great taste just like her mother. I also think her vanity area is perfect, and what a nice quilt!! Enjoy her Heidi, it's hard to believe that my little girl is already a junior in college and will be a nurse next year!!!
    Hugs to you and Mimi!
    Chris :o)

  21. What ba beautiful little room! I love that she has started a vintage avon bottle collection - thats awesome :o) Scarlett x

  22. What a lovely room. New to your blog, but already its made me feel all warm and cosy. Julie xxx

  23. aahhh it looks gorgeous i love adore all the bedding what beautiful colours and a lovely gift from grandma. They do grow up so quickly sadly. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  24. Love the room but I did love the before shots too with all the little girl cuteness, i don't think i want miss Liongirl to grow up. She has put herself to bed with her balletbag as she starts dancing lessons tomorrow! melx

  25. So nice it was in her room:) See that there is a girl who likes to dress up and love colors:) Did so well the round red frame!

    Good weekend!
    Hope you soon get to see the northern lights;)
    Hugs from Jane

  26. A beautiful room and I love grandma's quilt. xx

  27. What an adventure. Your children are such similar ages to mine, only instead of the 17 year old, i have twins between the 13 & 8 year olds. I love decorating their rooms!!
    I just love all your details, the mini shelves are amazing, love Posie

  28. Such beautiful colours, love it.