Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Play......

 Last night Mimi and I went out to play before dinner......
 in are fresh snow.....
 we had almost 2 feet of snow to wade through

 Jerry just plowed through, sometimes we could only
see his head sticking up out of the snow.
 George didn't last long though he just sank and the snow just sticks
to his fur.....

Have a wonderful weekend......

p.s. thank you for all your lovely comments.


  1. Jerry indeed looks just like a snow plow! :-)

  2. Wonderful! We've had some lovely snow, too, but not nearly so much. Love that cute hat!

  3. Lots of fun there! We are supposed to be having more snow at the weekend too! :) x

  4. Thank you for sharing lovely pictures :-) Mimis hat is soo sweet, love it! And your sweet dogs. Here we hit the slopes with sledges this ev. and the boys and their daddy went so fast that poor mummy had to look another way ;-) Hope you all have a lovely weekend Heidi :-) Pam xx

  5. Mimi has grown so much! Looks like the two of you were having fun :-) She looks lovely on the photographs Heidi!

    Have a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  6. What fun and Mimi looks so pretty in her bright snow outfit!

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  7. Oh she looks like some gorgeous colourful exotic bird out there in all that snow, what fun as an afternoon play. mel x

  8. Wow - lots of snow there. Gorgeous photos - Mimi looks like she's in a fashion shoot! Have a good weekend X

  9. Great snow pictures. Poor George!! Pick him up Mommy!!! Diane

  10. Thank you for your always so lovely comments! They make me happy:-)
    So much snow you have got. The snow gives so much fun. Lovely pictures of Mimi and George.
    And what a nice party you have had!

    Wish you a good week-end!

  11. So beautiful!!!! We only have about two inches or so in Cooper. Everything looks so clean and fresh again.
    Chris :o)

  12. I am jealous I love snow! sent some this way please :)Mimi is so cute and what a lovely name for a little girl x

  13. Now I remember why I left Alaska.

  14. how beautiful
    {especially mimi]
    and u know how
    i hate snow
    x ... ***

  15. What a lovely pictures. I like Mimi's owl cap.
    That's really some snow overthere. Saturdaynight we had some fresh snow too, but just a thin layer. End of the day it thawed already and most has gone. Have a nice week.
    Regards, Annet

  16. Such wonderful photo's George did make me smile. Looks like a magical wonderland. Have a lovely week, dee x

  17. What a treasure the first photo of Mimi will be as the years go by. Beautiful photography...

  18. Lovely photos, 2 feet of snow, how my kids would love that!