Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm Curious???

 I'm curious, what are your top 5 ways you beat the winter blues...
Living in Alaska you get used to long winters!
 or if you don't ever get the blues during long winters.....
 what are your top five winter activities?
 I can't wait to hear what you all have to say?
I googled these beautiful Alaskan scenes
This one, although slightly blurry. 
Looks like an oil painting to me
I love the red!

I sat today in a $5,000 massage chair with a friend
and I thought with a cup of tea
I could get through some cold days in this luxury....
Then I came home and had a lovely cup in my own chair
and it was just as nice.....almost!


  1. i don't feel i'm qualified to answer any more. back in wisconsin, i tended to eat too much, laze around, layer on clothing to survive. my favorite winter activity was fixing picture puzzles. :)

  2. I like to bake, read more, and try to have one new adventure every weekend. So far this year it's been snow tubing, candle making and going into NYC to see a musical production and to hear a Lenten talk.

  3. Get outside at least once a day and let the sun shine on my face while I'm walking Rascal(20 minutes - now back inside). That's it for my outdoor activities. Play in my studio. Go to Thrift stores and grocery store when I get cabin fever. Our winters aren't quite as long as yours though. Diane

  4. I'm really busy with work, but if I have free time I love to hike and take photos of Alaska's beautiful scenery and nature. Warm boots, snow pants, gloves, etc... and I'm ready to go. I also love to go on snow shoe hikes, but this year our snow level hasn't made it worth taking them out of my closet. That could still change, lol!!! And....I'm teaching myself how to play a ukelele!
    Stay warm Heidi!!! It's only 5 degrees here!!!
    Chris :o)

  5. I'm not the right one to answer this question. I don't get winter blues. I truly do love ALL the seasons. Our winters aren't particularly long. 2-3 months at most and the snow doesn't usually stick around for the whole thing. I don't know how to ski or ice-skate, so I'm kinda hopeless when it comes to outdoor activities in the winter. I do enjoy building snowmen. :-)

  6. I only get time to relax and unwind on Saturday night so it's wine, fireplace and good tv/movies.

    [Oh it's still Tuesday ;( ]

  7. Lovely pictures. Up until last year i used to get very low with the cold and winter nights. This year i haven't experinced that. I think getting married in December gave me another focus and also by changing my frontroom from dark blues and mustards to pretty creams and pink and yellow floral fabrics has lightened it up so much and im sure thats helped to. I like to crochet and patchwork in the winter months to all that colour helps :-) dee x

  8. Great pictures. I do get the winter blues..... Getting out always helps, unless its pouring with rain! I think I dream a lot in winter - mostly about the Spring! - what I'll do in the garden, etc. Read lots of books. Catch up on blogs! Yours always cheers me! x

  9. I am so looking forward to cooler days, I'm over summer this year.
    Not sure if I have 5 winter activities....I like to stay indoors and snuggle under a warm blanket and watch a good movie, or read a favourite magazine. Stay warm, T x

  10. Beautiful pictures Heidi! I must confess that l love the winter and seldom get the winter blues. I get out as much as l can, skiing and hiking and love the really bad weather with fully stocked cupboards, crackeling fire and candlelight. Think l am a winter person. Love warm knits and cold days love snowstorms and sunny days alike. And l love using the wood we spent all spring cutting and stacking. Could go on and on :-) Pam xx

  11. I don't mind pre Christmas winter and after I am busy with work so its now and march that I'm not fussed on. So little seaside trips away are something to look forward to. Starting to lose weight, get fitter for my hols helps and reading lots of pretty blogs.

  12. I love the winter because then I can sit indoors with a good conscience. I love to read, watch movies, make stuff, move my furniture etc etc.
    Hugs Madelén

  13. That top photo looks familiar! It's our beautiful Mendenhall Glacier with the fireweed meadow in front! I have taken a similar photo!

    I am really ready for spring. It is drippy, drippy, drippy here in Douglas!

    I pass the time on the computer, reading, cooking, eating(!), making music and sleeping!

  14. my toptip to beat the winter blues
    is to move somewhere hotter!
    works for me -
    [although shivering in UK at the moment}
    love the cups and fab flamingo
    keep warm h and be happy
    x ... ***

  15. I get through the cold winter by making frequent dates with friends for large mugs of frothy coffee; I get through the long crickety summers like that too!!