Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet Milo......

 its been so nice
 walking Mimi out to the bus in the daylight again.....
 Check out my new wise friend.....

 and his little partner in crime.....
 How sweet are these little pins I found for Mimi......
and now without further ado heres 

He belongs to one of Jeremy's friends
It started off being, he just needed a few weeks
and now as long as a year......

He's a great cat so now the problem is
just being patient until the dogs are ready to meet him 
or vise versa.

We have had beautiful weather
today it hit 40 degrees....
take care,


  1. aww. i hope the pups and milo will manage together!

    is it daylight savings time already? wow...

  2. Milo looks like a very sweet kitty..I'm sure they will all become fast friends before long.

    Does Alaska do daylight savings early? We will be setting our clocks forward on Sunday, March 10th. It seems that when I was young it was later in Spring.

    Love your wise owls, the first one is my favorite! xo

    1. I should have checked...my source was my hubby!
      I made the correction already....Thank you, Heidi

  3. What? Daylight savings time already? Are you sure? I'd better google that...

  4. Ha, I just checked and it is not until the 10th so Sherri was right! :-)

  5. Milo looks like a total sweetheart! I ADORE yellow cats.

  6. Your owl collection is growing, I didn't know you loved them so much!!! I will have to
    keep an eye out for owls when I go thrifting! Milo is adorable Heidi!!! I'm sure the dogs will love him as well!!
    I'm with you....I'm loving all our daylight and warmer temps!!!
    Stay safe,
    Chris :o)

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    1. Sorry had to delete spelling mistakes! Milo looks like a cutie hope he gets on ok with the dogs!

  8. Gorgeous cat - I love ginger cats. Your weather sounds great - boy, you do have extremes there! Have a good week. Off for some bargain hunting! X

  9. Milo looks like a sweet puss :-). It's taken a bit of work sometimes, but with all the cats and dogs we have introduced over the years, they have always got on well in time...so don't feel discouraged if it's not love at first sight ;-) nothing nicer than a puss and dogs in a house :-). Think your owls are so sweet, the first one looks soooo tired poor fellow :-)Pam x

  10. There's a little ginger cat on my blog today too.....there must be something in the air! Milo looks very adorable! :) x

  11. I hope it works out with your dogs Heidi. Diane

  12. Sounds like you have it warmer in Alaska than the UK!
    Good luck with cat meeting dogs - I'm sure they'll sort it out between them - Logan is always chasing our cat Bessie, even trying to "play bite" her neck, but if he bothers her too much she just swipes out and he ducks! Then they sleep together later!
    Gill xx

  13. Milo is very cute. He looks a little shy though.

  14. Such pretty photos and your cat is amazing!