Sunday, February 3, 2013

Part One, Mad Men Party......

 First, everyone looked amazing......
 We started the evening with a Pear martini
Best recipe ever,
I followed the Grey Goose version!
 Sylvia did an amazing job with my hair......

The Amazing Katy dessert bar .....
her Opera cakes were to die for,
she found the recipe in the latest Victoria magazine.
A huge thank you to Amanda for being Photographer again
wait till you see Part Two,
all of the lovely food everyone brought.
She captured the evening perfectly!

I had two fellow bloggers at the party
Amanda at Stinkpot Studio

and Chris over at Squirrelhaus 

More pictures to come......


  1. It was wonderful!!!! I can't thank you enough for inviting me!!!
    We have to do some hiking together this summer with Amanda!!!
    Have a great week Heidi!!!!
    Chris :o)

  2. Everyone looked great...what fun that must have been! Can't wait for part II ! xo

  3. Heidi, you are looking fantastic! You all look great! The hair is lovely and everyone looks like they are having a great time. I haven't heard of opera cakes, I am off to find the recipe.Looking forward to part 2.

  4. Oh my word, what a stylish crowd! Looks like the pics you see in the back of posh magazines! Food looks great too. Have a good week x

  5. Well, look at you, Miss Cutie - Don would positively come running to your door! Love the hair - such a gorgeous colour too and the food and your friends all look FAB! Can't wait for Part Deux. Have a great week, Heidi (aka Mrs Draper!).xxx

  6. Wow, you girls certainly know how to dress up - you all looked fantastic in your vintage outfits and hairdo's!
    The food looked yummy to, and cocktails......sounds like you had a great time!
    Thanks for sharing the photos Heidi!
    Gill xx

  7. It looks wonderful, very glamorous hair do! And I love way you've displayed the photos, they look very 1960's kodak - as I remember them from childhood.

  8. I love your hair! It sure did look like a great party :) What are Opera cakes? They sound very intriguing! Hazel x

  9. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. Regards, Annet

  10. Love the hair and the dresses! The cakes make my mouth water. Look forward to see more! Pam x :-)

  11. What fun....the hair is amazing. Will be back to see more fun! xoxox Happy Monday.

  12. Hello Heidi,
    You had a nice time with your friends...I love your hair.
    I was away to visit my son in Dubai and I was wondering if you received the giveaway I have sent you?
    I had sun for two weeks and it is difficult to be back in winter.

  13. SO fun! we did one of those once and it was so awesome to see how everyone dressed!

  14. Love the hair...I actually remember wearing those hairstyles in the 60's!!

  15. How fun! I bet everyone had a blast (a blast from the past). I haven't watched the show but I bet it was great getting into character and dressing up. Loved the hair do's the clothes and the food.


  16. ♥ so beautiful ladies ♥ happy for you all

  17. aahhh it looks like you all had great fun. Everyone looked gorgeous and i love your hair. dee x

  18. I'm loving those vintage photo borders!

  19. Hej Heidi, it looks great. Your hair is lovely.
    Lieve groet,

  20. First of all, I seriously need to start watching Mad Men and second of all, I love themed parties but they aren't a thing here in Greece.
    You all look fantastic!

  21. Oh, wow, let the party begin!!!

  22. You ladies all look FAB!!!

    I'm finally catching up with Mad Men and just waiting for Series 5 on DVD! Sadly I don't actually enjoy the program so much as love looking at it... I despise Betty but do love Joan!!

    Victoria xx

  23. TELL ME!
    where are you?
    greatest photos, honeyz..........!!!!