Friday, February 22, 2013

George's new do and a big Thank You.....

 All George needs is a pipe to complete his new look....
I love the next picture, I wish it wasn't blurry!

 and little Jerry on his favorite couch.....

I wanted to thank Catherine for hosting such a lovely giveaway
that I was fortunate enough to win.....
She always has such lovely items for sale.

Are any of you having a hard time keeping up
with life, blogging....the day to day stuff!
I want to apologize for not getting to visit all of you like 
I want  each day.....

Happy Weekend

p.s. I have a house full of children and a traveling cat
will talk about that later!


  1. you're always busy! george does look like an old man from history. :)

  2. George looks very handsome with his new 'do'.

    Congratulations on your win..what a lovely giveaway!

    Have a great weekend! xo

  3. George looks soo cute. How lovely to win the giveaway, congratulations, I will pop on over.

    A travelling cat? That does sound interesting. There never seems enough hours :( Tam x

  4. ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Weekend! xxx Riitta

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  6. Hello Heidi.. I have the same problem. Some weeks I can't find the time to get aroud to reading my favorite blogs. Thanks for always being so supportive of mine. George and Jerry are both adorable.

  7. George looks great! I feel he's going to say "Take her to the sea Mr Murdoch" :)
    Congratulations on your win!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  8. The dags are lovely. Want to hug them. Lucky you to win. D

  9. I'm struggling to keep up with everything at the moment, I'm losing track of everyone's blogs & the kids are hogging the home computer - still they're back to school Monday!

  10. Hej Heidi, George is a handsome dog.
    Have a nice weekend,

  11. I absolutely love George Heidi!!!! Maybe someday I will have to get a little George of my own....he is so sweet. I still need to meet Jerry, he's looking pretty grown up!!!!
    Congrats on your win, totally exciting!!!
    Chris :o)

  12. George looks very fine - as you say, all he needs is a pipe! Have a good weekend, Heidi. Abby x

  13. awwww bless i love your furry friends ;0)...your home is full of warmth and charm~ all your treasures are so lovely...x

  14. A traveling cat? Not a to big one I hope ;-)
    Nice pictures from your dogs, Heidi! And I have the same busy problem…it's like the day seems to short for getting a stuff done…
    Have a nice week! We'll go to Dalarna skiing (that's the place where your horse in the header came from….you know?!)..

  15. George and Jerry are so cute and look so comfy snuggled up. Had to laugh because as you say: all George needs is a little pipe to go with his beard :-) Love your giveaway win! Pam :-)

  16. Your animals are adorable....cute names! You are right about time...there never is enough. Happy weekend.

  17. Love George's 'New Do' and Jerry looks fabulous too.
    Hugs Debbie x

  18. George looks very sweet laying on the couch Heidi! Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  19. haha george is one hot dawg!
    and yes not enough hours in the week, let alone day...
    always important to stop sometimes and be still -
    {and to keep warm h} x ... ***

  20. Hi lovely, yes im struggling with balancing everything to i haven't been here since last Thursday. But i was determined today to have a rest and catch up everyone. George and Jerry look so cute :-) Im so sorry i haven't posted your parcel yet either i will get it done over the next week or so. love dee x

  21. George and Jerry both look so handsome, and George is looking particularly cuddly! Poor Logan has just been cut very short as he'd got a bit too long and of course now our weathers got cold again! So he's having to wear a fleecy top!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of your boys Heidi!

  22. exactement why i did care to take a time out. and it's been a spa. missing you all, coming back after the next weekend, and happy to. renewed, to say the least. i think.
    house is coming along. slowly. you know the drill.
    happy though.
    and happy coming to find you here too.