Monday, July 30, 2012

A Bear, A hike and Jerry.......

 Yesterday we went on a hike to Russian River Falls......and
little Jerry went with!
 He stayed right with us......It was so nice to have
Phil with us this time.....I love this picture!

 Our little Mimi who loves her picture taken......
 It was such a nice day beautiful scenery....
 I guess earlier there had been bears to watch......
 the reds were jumping.....

 We read this sign after......but they were away from the weir....
 but we laughed.....
 on the way home from the safety of our vehicle 
we saw this guy....
He was on the move... 
Cory snapped this picture can you see the salmon....

What were you up to this weekend?

I have a few treasures and re-dos to show you next.....
Happy Monday!


  1. I'm always amazed by your posts! What a beautiful place you live in! :)

  2. such lovely country! and neat bear sighting (from the safely of your car). keep that pup close!

  3. What a gorgeous part of the world you live in. Gosh, I can't imagine seeing a bear! M x

  4. Gorgeous just gorgeous. Love your photos.

  5. When you guys go for a nature walk there really is nature! lol. No bears on our walks only the cute stuffed variety the girls might bring along. It all looks so beautiful though very inspiring.

    Awww your little girl and cute pup is just too cute!

    Look forward to seeing your makeovers!

    P x

  6. water and electricity
    ummm lucky escape
    x ... ***

  7. You were so close to my place, next time stop by for a visit! My cousin saw 4 grizzlies on her hike up to the falls! I love hiking our state, so beautiful !
    Chris :o)

  8. I love to look at your pictures. The nature is amazing. I would have loved to come along on a hike. D

  9. Glad Phil could go with you, that makes it great to have the entire family.

  10. Truly amazing landscapes...I think the bears would make me a tad bit nervous!

  11. Your little Mimi is sure photogenic! I love it when you take us on your beautiful hikes, the scenery is truly breathtaking! xo

  12. You live in such a beautiful place. The scenery along the trail is beautiful! Bears make me a bit nervous... we used to camp in the Canadian Rockies when I was a kid, and one summer we had a couple of "too close" bear encounters that made us decide we needed to move to a different camping area. Usually not such a good idea for people and bears to be in the same space.

  13. Wow what amazing photo's i always say it but you do live in one of the most beautiful and interesting parts of the world i love my visits here. Im sorry i haven't been over for a while but real life seems to have been pulling me in other directions at present. I bet that bear was after the fish ;-)) Your children have such a wonderful amount of freedom in the open air there very lucky. Enjoy your time with them. dee x

  14. What a great place. So special to be there. I'm glad you were in your car when the bear was showing up.
    Have a nice day, lieve groetjes

  15. The scenery is stunning, so nice to see.

  16. Such a great outing! I love the first photo with Mimi & Jerry - so sweet! :)
    Hope you are all having a great week!

  17. Great hike ! Joshi and Sorbas would like to came for a walk.

    Hugs Andrea

  18. You're nature is overwhelming-so BIG and so great. It's nice to spent real family-time.And that bear-SCARRY! Wishing you a great week-xxx-Sil.

  19. What a lovely place...I love going up into the mountains...we have picnics up there but have not had one this summer yet...time to do just that.
    Have a great week my friend. xoxoxxo

  20. Beautiful cheery post and 'wow the sun is shining!!
    Enjoy the lovely times with your family...
    Glad Mr Bear was over the other side!
    Love Maria x

  21. What a lovely place to go for a hike..reminds me so much of British Columbia (where I use to live)..with the mountains and the tree's.
    I am looking forward to seeing the treasures and the re-do's :)
    Magie x

  22. Wow, it's beautiful there! But the bear ... That is dangerous! Love Zjanne *SWEET ZJAANYJE*, bye bye!

  23. Wow what stunning photos, and you saw a bear, does that happen often?