Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This and that......

 Sorry for the shadows....I recently came across a stack of dishes
that I had from my shop and they were so cheery that I decided to
start using them.....
 I wanted to share my backyard the other morning the sun was coming up
and it was so pretty.....
 And I had to share a friend came over last week and brought 
us dessert it was so delicious and picture worthy I thought.....
 So this is the start of my re-do I tore out this cabinet
what a made I can't wait to show you
the finnish this week.....
and last but not least this pair of bull moose were in the backyard
they have been back several times......they are young ones!

Well it is so good to be done stripping and painting......
today we are heading off for a hike to celebrate,
I'll take lots of pictures to share with you,
Have a wonderful day!


  1. i love your moose visitors! and the view in your backyard, too! holy smokes!

  2. Love the plates!
    That dessert looks amazing!
    Your backyard is beond beautiful! You're very lucky! ;)

  3. I love those plates, especially the yellow gingham ones. Your back yard is very different to my 'back yard' ahem. It's beautiful x

  4. If I had a sink full of plates like that I wouldn't ever complain of having to wash up the dishes again! Hope you are pleased with your Award, I think this blog is great! Ada :)

  5. Love those dishes...I am going to copy you and start collecting bright colored dishes to use! Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  6. That's your backyard?!!You could fit a castle into it!Pretty plates,too good to hide away. Enjoy. x

  7. have a good day too! and it's a boy ;)

  8. What fun your dishes are...I just got out some that were buried under my everyday dishes and it feels like I have all new ones....happy dance. Your moose look amazing..such huge animals.

  9. What an incredible back beautiful. I always love visiting your blog, your photos are so lovely.
    Hugs Debbie x

  10. Your sink full of plates are so pretty. Nice shot of the moose too.

  11. Yum, that dessert does look delicious. love the plates all piled into the sink, so pretty. Enjoy your hike, T x

  12. What a gorgeous sinkfull of dishes! So many pretty ones! And that strawberry shortcake looks scrumptious! You get the most interesting wild visitors to your yard. What a paradise you live in!

  13. I'm so looking forward to your makeover reveal! Love that you're using those cheery plates everyday too..x

  14. random loveliness 'h'
    lovely x ... ***

  15. Moose in the backyard....that´s great !!!!

  16. Hej Heidi, love the plates.
    Delicious dessert :)
    You are so lucky with the moose in your backyard.
    Have a nice day, lieve groetjes

  17. What a gorgeous collection of small plates!

  18. They look very cheerful these plates! Have a nice weekend! ;o)

  19. Heidi,
    I love the dishes, what a happy times they will make at the dinner table! I love that cabinet Heidi!!!!!!!! Where did you move it to? Can't wait to see your finished project!
    Chris :o)

  20. Great Alaska pictures Heidi. I love the red transferware plates and I wish I collected blue, those blue ones are beautiful. Beautiful shots of the different colored dishes. Diane

  21. ooh love those plates! Should want to eat all the time if I had them in my kitchen :)Love your pictures from the back yard, beautiful. And that cabinet! :)

  22. Lovely pictures - moose in the back yard? Amazing!