Sunday, March 11, 2012

Whats on your menu?

 I know eating this...
 leads to looking good in this...
and eating these are better for me.....
love these dresses by Anthropologie 
just to name the other 22 dresses I'm in love with here....

Easter's coming and while I tried on a certain dress and 
had a OH MY moment....theres still time!

Have you guys been good lately or bad in the food department?
Hate talking about weight but.....sometime what trails behind just makes you have 
to take!


  1. I know what you mean. I hate talking about weight too but sometimes we need to just make an effort. I am really watching what I eat lately as I am finding it hard to lose some pounds. Love the last dress. Totally my cup of tea. :)

  2. Oh, I love the blue with dots, too!….and don't talk about weight..the summer is comming ;O)
    Have a nice week, Heidi!

  3. Just bought some of those wonderful fresh strawberries - can't wait.

  4. I love strawberries! mmmm..!!Beautiful pictures! Have a happy day!

  5. I am allergic to strawberries, but the rest of the food looks awesome. Gotta love a good salad!

  6. I love a good salad and super fresh fruit. I do however like my strawberries either in champagne or smothered in fresh cream. I also like chocolate a lot!

  7. Since being with Mr J i have put on a few pounds and i have struggled to get in a few of my vintage dresses. So for the past week i have been cutting out bread, pasta, crisps, cake and pastry. It helps me i have been eating lots of salad etc. Its been nice being able to cook from scratch all the lovely foods i like to but it doesn't help your waistline thats for sure. dee x

  8. Hi Heidi,

    Those Anthropology dresses look lovely! Your fruit salad too. Luckily I don't have to think about what to eat yet. My weight doesn't change much.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  9. Very BAD! I need to start being good! I'm not looking good at the moment.
    I do love Anthropology.....
    I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

    Lou xxx

  10. Hej Heidi, yes summertime! Lovely dresses.
    Good and healthy food and even delicious.
    Have a nice week, lieve groet

  11. Oh yes, trying to lose weight over our Winter so when all is revealed & shed for next Summer i'm a whole lot smaller. Love your dress choices & scrummy fruit, salads . . . mmmm, love Posie

  12. Just feeling like Spring here in the UK so definitely want to shed a few I'm out and about between my crafting to run....visit me at for tales of my knitting and running.

    Fleur xx

  13. here's the thing, I eat all the good stuff, and I really do love it too. BUT I eat ALL the bad yummy chocolatey stuff too! I just can't help myself. Though it does help to have some sort of goal I think, I'm aiming to look "Trimmer" by June for our family holiday......will i ever do it? The intention is there!!!! I too LOVE Anthropologie clothes, wish I had the legs to go with them though!
    Nattie x

  14. Oh I've been so bad too! Every day I think I'll start again today and I barely make it through one day! It's so sad when I look at all my beautiful dresses......we'll all get there in the end. Yay, let's all start again tomorrow. :-)

  15. Mmm, the salads look delicious! I wish I had someone to chop and peel all the veggies for me and I'd eat them even more often. I'll never fit into a dress like that though.

  16. I love strawberries..they have to be one of my favourite fruits! I have been fairly good with my eating (notice the 'fairly)..though on Fridays I have treat night and I went for a M&M fudge brownie (I am pretty sure it was calorie free though :P).

  17. Oh I agree...lately I have been doing more sitting than walking or riding my bike.
    That polka dotted dress is stunning. I just got a polka dotted skirt...pure joy.


  18. I love the dresses and i have to watch what i eat theses days! i have lot to catch up on your blog... I love your spring decoration and all the bright colours in your kitchen, it changes from the white outside! hugs Catherine

  19. I'm going to lose my weight this year.
    The food looks scrumptious, not very filling but beautiful. I love that last picture - beautiful colors. Diane