Monday, March 19, 2012

Some puttering around and a trip to Homer.....

 I loved these little big purchase from Homer.
 Mimi and I were invited to our little local pottery studio.
 We had so much fun....can you see my bird house in the back?
 Here were my two owls...I thought they were so cute!
 Heres some pictures of our gloomy day to Homer...
 These two eagles looked like an old married couple...
 The harbor.
 It was only 20 cold and windy!
Well we had fun,
 but I think they were all glad to go back to school......

Off to catch up with you, can't wait.
 I've been off of blog land
all week, and I missed it!


  1. Oh, these old couple are so cute ;O)…and I love your pictures from the pottery (these owls!!!) and especially the harbor off course :O)
    Have a nice week…and don't miss my give away

  2. wow it looks freezing but gorgeous. Love your owls they will be so cute when they have been fired will you paint them to? Have a good week, dee x

  3. Great time at the pottery, lovely photo's
    Have a nice week, lieve groet

  4. Your caption under the eagles photo was perfect!

  5. cute owls
    and daughter
    (wondering if
    homer is as yellow
    in real life
    as on tv)


  6. The pottery session looked like fun..what cute owls! I like your little Easter bunny and Easter decorations as well..just adorable :)

  7. welcome back, I've really missed your little bursts of colour in my endlessly rainy days! melx

  8. How fun to have a girls day at the pottery studio..Mimi looks so cute in her smock and those owls turned out so professional. - Enjoy your week! xo

  9. Looks like a lot of fun has been had!x

  10. i love those 2 eagles huddled close together. :)

    i think you need to name your moose! :)

  11. Cute owls. I remember Homer - been there several times when I lived in Anchorage.

  12. What a fun day! Love your precious little owls. Stay warm and cozy.


  13. Mimi looks so cute in that shirt...looks like you two had a great time at the pottery studio. Can't wait to see your finished pottery projects after they have been fired and glazed!!
    Chris :o)

  14. Cute picture of Mimi and your creations. Did you go to Homer Spit? I fell in love with that place when I was there. I love the're right, they do look like an old married couple. Diane

  15. Looks like you had fun at the pottery - Mimi's smiling face says it all!

    Gill xx

  16. Those eagles are amazing! I have only seen one in the wild once - it was in flight so I missed the picture

  17. I love your makes with Mimi, look forward to seeing them painted? Mimi looks so sweet in the overalls, I could just pinch those cheeks...
    Nattie x

  18. Fantastic photos and the eagles look absolutely amazing. Mimi looks as though she had a great time.
    Hugs Debbie x

  19. It looks like you gals had a marvelous day!! Super cute owls! And the Eagle photo is wonderful!

  20. Lovely!! I love your photos! Happy day!

  21. Love the photos of the scenery as it's so totally different from where I live. I really enjoyed the post about the moose too - I've never seen one for real! It looks very cold but you all seem to be having fun. Thankyou for all your comments on my blog.
    Ruth x