Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Spring Cleaning......and Ironing my favorite!

 This morning It was snowing again....
 But yesterday it was so sunny and bright and you 
can start to feel the warmth in the sun...
 So I decided to do some cleaning and ironing
one of my favorite things to do is organize linens
and iron them into fresh neat stacks....
 I chose my handkerchiefs today...
 I love the pretty patterns and embroidery details...
 See what I mean about neat little stacks
or maybe its just me and I've been alone too long
in the wild....
 These pink embroidered ones were my faves...

 I loved these too....
 OK, all of them!
I put out my Easter decorations also
as its right around the corner too....

I'll share there happy faces one day.

Hows your weather?

Have you put your Easter stuff out on display?

Have a wonderful evening.... 


  1. What a pretty and happy collection of hankies. I love them displayed in the trunk.


  2. ironing a favorite? ugh!!! one of my all-time worst chores ever!!!

  3. they're all beautiful! I'm not a great fan of ironing, though when it comes to such pretty things, I find it somehow therapeutic..x

  4. I have some lovely hankies too...not nearly as nice as your collection. I have neglected them but now that you have shown us how pretty they are when ironed up, I want to do the same...I used to always take one to church, just in case the Pastor has one of those tearjerker sermons. - I don't have my Easter things out yet, but it is getting time to do it. xo

  5. Your hankies are so pretty Heidi.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful collection!!!!!!! And now they are so neat and tidy too :)

  7. First i have to say how pretty and spring like your blog is looking it looks gorgeous love the header photo and that pretty plate. Your hankies are gorgeous i love that big red and pink rose one with the red trim that is so pretty and really stands out to my eyes. You have some smashing pretty ones there. dee x

  8. What a beautiful collection and all neat and tidy! I couldn't choose a favourite they're all so nice!

  9. Hej Heidi

    Love all your linens so beautiful!
    Have a great week ahead...snow forecast here Wednesday...arrived back from Stholm & London last night off to Yoga now...Yay! My saving grace really ;-)
    LOVE PEACE enJOY all those beautiful linens

  10. What a pretty collection of floral linens and handkerchiefs, just love the colours and the patterns. I look forward to seeing your Easter Decorations, I have yet to start decorating myself.

  11. Hej Heidi, I love your way of Springcleaning. Lovely collection.
    Lieve groet,

  12. Beautiful linens, who could not enjoy ironing, folding and arranging those.
    lily x

  13. me oh my h
    so many lovely delights
    too much time to iron
    come water my garden
    ( hugs x mrs water/strim/trim)


  14. What a beautiful collection of vintage....and so many!

  15. I love all your beautiful old embroidered and printed linens! I collect those too.

  16. Love Easter decs but haven't even thought about them yet. Still recovering from Christmas here!
    That's one fine hankie collection - they're beautiful.

  17. i love your post xx all those delightful vintage fabrics and embroidered cloths ;0)xx...oh' and the sweet chick in the cup.
    i just got out my easter bits after seeing this post, i was looking through my easter egg baubles ;0)xx

  18. Did you say you love Ironing??? you can come and stay with us if you like! ;) the only thing is your Ironing looks a lot more prettier than mine.

    Lou xxx

  19. Oh my goodness, they are all so beautiful:) Have a wonderful day. xo

  20. Your hankies are really cute Heidi...and I love the suitcase!!!!
    Will the snow never end this year? I'm so glad I have a snow blower, LOL!!!!

  21. So beautiful things. I love emboidered things such a treasures you have;)

  22. You have a wonderful collection of beautiful vintage handerchiefs Heidi, they must be a real treat to launder and iron so you can get them out and enjoy them!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Gill xx