Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The kitchen switch out....mr. or mrs. moose and a thank you!!!

 You guys are so sweet to me....
your probably sick and tired of me sharing my re-do's
 In this kitchen....this was my kids touch....
not to bad for a colorful addition.

I joined in on
Its so much fun hop over and join in also....
 Of course Swifty the Turtle again....by Enesco.

 My beloved thrifted canisters....which started my switch out.

 Out thrifting I found these juice glasses....

 Were going to someones house for a visit tonight so I thought I'd bring
dessert....this was my first attempt at bread pudding...I think I put to much sauce on top or should it look this way?   I have been without an oven for three weeks so it was so nice to bake again.
I have to admit I had been a little worried about my moose he had wandered away
for a couple of days......moonlighting I suppose.
Now the question has been raised Mr. or Mrs.? here defiantly a girl....
but in this picture
are those horn buds? above the eyes or not what do you think?
so cute lying down on the job eating away....the little things!

I want to thank you and all my new followers...for visiting me
and for having such inspiring blogs that make my winters in Alaska
a little bit shorter......I love seeing all your flowers and crafts
and such beautiful treasures......it just makes my day!


  1. I love your colourful kitchenalia! I also love the moose!

  2. Wow, I love all those bright and vibrant colours! Looks great..

  3. i'm not much for decorating (or ironing!) but i do love your moose!

  4. Your children have great colour co-ordination, must follow after their mama.......I adore your spotty kettle, your kitchen looks a beautiful place to escape to.

    p.s. You inspire us too, with your gorgeous make overs and fantastic use of colour, and of course your beautiful vintage finds.
    lily x

  5. YOU'RE the Inspiration, Dear Girl, slogging away in the midst of the darkest winter to make your home radiant and full of colour. You can teach us all a few things about how to get through until Spring. I'm even beginning to like Mr. Turtle!Loving your new look....classy and stylish as always. Lots of Love.x

  6. More brightness & cheer, I want to live in your house!! I always show my boys your moose pictures, they can't believe you actually live where there are real live MOOSE & SNOW!! xx

  7. Dear Heidi,
    You have as always all the colors of the world in your house, it is so happy to find a lovely funny coloured home!
    For the moose... well, I can't tell, because we don't have mooses here, but I guess he is a boy, I agree with you that are horns the things above the eyes...
    Have a nice day!

  8. I have to agree with Nana Go-Go completely! Everything that she said - DITTO! And you're right, I think that moose might be a Mr.

  9. Oh my .... Don't ever appologige for your bright & beautiful kitchen pics. I love them & look forward to them!!
    Love all your "stuff".... Even the Moose!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  10. That moose is adorable!
    I soooo love your sweet display..the colours are amazing. Hugs to you my friend. xoxo

  11. Hi! I love your colorful things!!Have a happy day!

  12. I never get tired of your colorful posts Heidi. This new look is great. So easy to get attached to a creature. They work their way into your heart and you don't even know it. Diane

  13. Hello!

    Such a happy kitchen! So many colorful things in the shelfs ; )

    I hope you are well in all snow. When is spring coming to alaska? I have also one moose and many raindeers outside my house, and it is a bit strange because we have moved from the countryside to the centre of our little village. The house is on a hill with trees around and they must feel comfortable here *smiles*.

    Have a nice week!


  14. I love your colourful in the kitchen.

  15. Hi, I could never get bored with your redos. I love to see what you pull together, you have sooo many gorgeous pieces it would be a shame not to. Thanks for sharing your inspirational posts, and your cute moose too. Tam x

  16. Wow what a gorgeous injection of colour, designs and patterns i love your house i could never get fed up of seeing your things. I adore those orange cansiters the flower ones and those turtles and well just all of it is a delight to my eye on this cold wet morning. dee x

  17. Oh you have so many lovely colourful things on your gorgeous dresser.They have really brightened up my day! I love having a re-arrange...infact I might have one today! :0)

  18. So many good things that exist in your kitchen :)
    Love the colors!
    Was in love with the orange board;)

    Hugs from Jane

  19. Such lovely bright zesty colours! Love all the things you have displayed Heidi, they make a great show!

  20. You have such bright and cheerful items in your kitchen, I just love having a look at all your photos and seeing all your lovely things and how you have decorated. I like the mix of red, green and yellow :)
    The moose is cute!

  21. Wauw this is so colorful! I love it!

    Huggs, Veronique

  22. Ooohh, such a colourful post! Love your little salt and pepper men!Cute moose too!
    Thank you for the sweet comment Heidi, you should be able to get the tape at a stationers.
    Rachel x

  23. Lovely, lovely colors.
    Love it.

  24. Love your fantastic colourfull collection.
    It's really lovely.

    Greetings, Trudie.

  25. What a beautiful and colorful collection !
    The moose is so cute !
    Thanks for your lovely visit ...
    Nice evening,

  26. Oh I absolutley love your kitchen! No wonder you re-decorate all the time, so would I...
    Spring is arriving here in Sweden, but even so, your blog is so inspiring! Can´t wait to see your blog in the summertime :-)

  27. Ooh, the bread pudding looks great! By 'sauce' do you mean the custard, or was this a more exciting bread pudding than mine? Your kitchen also looks wonderful - your colours are so spring-like.

  28. Wow Heidi, your kitchen is a feast for my eyes. So much colour! LOVE it all!!!

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  29. It's all totally beautiful!! All that color is great on the eyes!!!
    I think the kids addition is perfect, those bottles of juice add a ton of contrast!!! I've always thought the Calypso bottles are rather pretty! Mixing a modern touch in with vintage makes it all look so fresh!!!!
    I think you have a little bull moose visiting you, he is precious!!!
    Chris :o)

  30. Oh….sweet little moose-boy…I'm sure…he is one ;O)
    …and I still in love with all your retro stuff, Heidi…few days ago I showed my husband your site and talking about all these lovely things :O)
    Have a nice week there in snowy Alaska!