Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Coastal wow.....

 Lately I have been a little disappointed with my magazines.....
 until yesterday I received two treats
My new Coastal Living magazine and 
the new Spring J Crew catalogue.....
 I had to share some of my favorites...

 the issue was all about color
 and it delivered....
 It was like love...


 and the here were some of my favorites...

 J Crew always has such mixable pieces that you can keep year to year....

 Pick up these if you get a chance.....
until I do any looking for clothes its fruit for me.....
I'm ready for spring walks....and yard projects!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Looking at the photo of the grey top, I was wondering if that might be something I could add to an old pullover. It looks like flowers attached.
    Beautiful bowl of fresh fruit....

  2. Lovely, oh so lovely! Colours everywhere :-)
    Love your little cabinet as well! So cute!

  3. Yep agree so colourful :-D
    You put a smile on my face Heidi and I'm really into colour, TURQUOISE particularly I've been told it's a very healing colour...need loads of that lol!
    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous images in your magazines
    LOVE your polka dot fruit bowl too! And the lampshade and the console table and...I LOVE your stylish colourful home.
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. Sorry it was so cold for you this a.m. Tomorrow we are back to snow flurries & 30's BUT it was nice this morning !!
    Come on Spring!!

  5. Oh BURSTING with colour to kick start my day, thankyou! How gorgeous is the kitchen with the little bench seat, love! and I LOVE that grey jumper with the pretty flowers, typically me with the boring ol'greys..can't help myself! xx

  6. I love color but it looks like the 60s are back.

  7. My daughter has a little tablecloth just like the orange one in the bottom photo. Hers is turquoise, but it has the same embroidery! I am so ready for Spring!

  8. Oh my, I'm getting the Coastal Living magazine first thing tomorrow...I am in love with that lamp in the 4th photo, wow, it would look great anywhere in the house. xo

  9. Pure that blue lamp...oh do I ever love it. Just bought myself a little yellow spring coat somewhat similar to the J Crew one. Oh how I adore J Crew!
    Happy weekend.

  10. Especially like some of these clothes Heidi.
    And that yellow round table in the next to last pic. Diane

  11. Wow there is some great vintage retro furniture in those mags love all the kitchen chairs and that blue lamp with the turqoise shade that is gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  12. WoW, so many lovely pictures! Have a happy day!

  13. Color, color, color! You have such a colorful life! That bowl of fruit is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for a lovely afternoon.