Friday, March 9, 2012

A little thrifting.....and a Happy Weekend to you!

 I don't know if you remember my sweet little cup
 I had thrifted in Anchorage, well my little local thrift store
had more of this pattern.....
 I couldn't resist these little yoga frogs

 I have decided Tulips make me happy so until spring
I may have to treat myself......
 I also found this vintage Nordic pattern bowl......
I'm on the hunt to find more.

 I loved these sweet little gum packs.....
How long do you think they will be there
until the kids notice?
 I was finally able to see the mountains yesterday....AND
Last night the Northern Lights were out ...just beautiful!
 My friend stopped over for tea on Wednesday and 
brought me these ADORABLE napkins...
I'm a nut for paper napkins, you know!
Thank you ,thank you again Moto!
 I also found this cute little egg....
 and a bunch of these little wooden eggs.....I'll
share more later...they are so cute!
 Floss and now Odd and Old has some for sale
has some beautiful fabric boxes and I found one 
at the thrift pretty! 
I'm going to use it in the bathroom to keep the
q-tip box in.
I'll leave you with  mountain view....

My kids are on Spring break starting today through this next week!

Enjoy your weekend, I hope its full of sunshine,
  I had 10 below this morning BUT
its suppose to warm up....


  1. would love to see the northern lights! bet they're something! i do hope you and the kids enjoy your spring break.

  2. Your zen frogs made me chuckle, and how wonderful to have the Northern Lights on your doorstep.

    Have a wonderful weekend, lily x

  3. That blue bird and fabric box are lovely, and that view spectacular. Cannot believe you have snow everywhere for spring break!melx

  4. Love the colours as always. And the nordic bowl was precius.

  5. Totally awesome blog again Heidi!!!! I love that blue enamelware bowl!!!! Sigh.....always something pretty to look at!!
    I'm proud of are the thrift queen!!!!
    Chris :o)

  6. I am enjoying all of your thrifted finds...I remember commenting on that pretty cup with the little blue flowers now you have more..lucky you! Do you think that they might be an early Corelle by Corning? - Have a wonderful weekend my friend! xo

    1. They are made by Sheffield, Fine china, Japan and the pattern name is Rhapsody...

  7. Gorgeous!! Oh wow, those mountains are beautiful.
    No one does packaging like the Japanese, so quirky. loving your vintage finds as always. Enjoy Spring Break, we have a long weekend, that's pretty exciting & glorious sunshine today, ahhhh, love Posie

  8. Beautiful as always, Heidi. And although you too still have lots of snow, there's a certain spring in the air.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Lilli x

  9. -10! Yikes! Everything is pretty - I love that blue enamelware bowl. Beautiful pics of the mountains. Diane

  10. As always i love and enjoy every single one of your pictures...

  11. Love the nordic pattern bowl and your collection of trays. You look like you have a very interesting home x

  12. Is that crochet bunting I spy?Did you make it?I used to be able to bend myself into similar shapes as your frogs....not so much now!Love everything as have such a good eye for style and colour, Heidi. Your mountain view is stunning. Have a good week with the children.Lots of Love.x

  13. Oh, what a pretty fabric box - I don't have any in that kind of mid-century print, but I like it very much! Does yours have any kind of label? A few of mine do - always the big Paris department stores... Thanks for the link, and for letting me know. I love all your finds (as always) and had real fun reading through trying to work out which of your finds had made you think of me! Have a great weekend.

  14. such lovely finds! Makes my heart beart faster! Thank you so much for all the kind words you leave behind on my blog, always makes my day. I shall try to be better on commenting back, it is always so good to hear from people that have been stopping by. Whis you a great weekend!

  15. Actually, looking at it again, earlier than mid-century!

  16. Oh, I love your view of the mountains, Heidi! And all your nice things….and these tulips ofcourse *smile*…a little bit Dutch ;O)
    Have a nice spring break and enjoy your weekend!

  17. You sure found some lovely things. I like the patterned bowl you bought, and those tulips are so pretty! What stunning views you get around your area. Enjoy the spring break :)

  18. Hi! I love your colours/ things / pictures!! Have a happy day! Greetings Riitta Sinikka

  19. I would love to see the northern lights someday! LOVE your sweet little blue daisy cups and saucers!!

  20. love love love the dishes:))))) Thanks for turning me on to them! Everyone in our town will have them when it's all said and done. Have a great week with the kids!

  21. I can't wait for tulips to bloom!

  22. Love the sweet finds always and we should try for another "cup of tea," my dear. I have returned! Hugs. Karen

  23. Happy Spring Break...we have one more week of school and then it is ours..for 2 weeks.
    I love all your treasures...I have been hooked on my local Salvation Army store many treasures.
    Your dishes are lovely.
    Hugs for a fun week....the Northern Lights must be stunning!

  24. Wonderful pictures, you are truly an inspiration!
    Take care,

  25. loving your blog and loving the nordic! x