Thursday, March 1, 2012

Interwoven in, over the years......

 I have always loved old things.....
 John and Christine 1877
Dalsland, Sweden
 I loved these old wedding photos and wanted to share....
 Herbert and Katherine
 I love to think of how many hands my treasures
 has passed through over the years...
 Willie and Cora
Dec 8, 1914
 The stitching they did to pass the time....
 Another John and Chritine from Hurdal, Norway
 What treasures they brought with them from their countries to
their new home in America.....these were tough men and women.
 Ole maujaugeto from Telemarken,Norway immigrated to America
in 1877 where he met and married Randi.
 I love how nothing went to waste....
 Carrie emigrated from Sweden in 1868
Look at those boys sweet outfits.
Bruder i hundre's Blog always has amazing wedding photos
I always find the looks on the happy couples faces so intriguing....and
what they wore on their special day!

I came across these photos of strangers and wanted to share.

Hope your having a great week so far also!


  1. such an interesting study in the past.

    (i love the parakeet vase in that last photo...)

  2. What an interesting post and how styles have changed! I love the rose jug in the last photo!
    I agree old has history attached. New things are so bland but one day they too will have their own history!

  3. I love your old photos!!! Can't imagine how tough it was for a lot of our relatives!!!
    Chris :o)

  4. I enjoyed the wedding photos, what happiness they must have felt as they started their new lives together and in a great new land. xo

  5. I am with you, I love the expressions on their faces, seemed no one was to happy with the special day LOL! The quilts are gorgeous!


  6. Oh glorious. I love the facial expressions too, uncertain to passion, such amazing examples of love history through the ages. Love Posie

  7. I love the old wedding photos, too, and these are wonderful ones. I like the way you've interwoven the wedding photos with the old quilts and baskets. Beautiful post Heidi. Diane

  8. i love it!!!!!!! so cute,
    i wisch you a happy weekend, IrmaXXX

  9. Thanks - such stories behind those photos. I've found I've become very interested in stories of imigration - I suppose because I am an imigrant myself now! (And of course we have one presidential candidate who would chuck me out for that, if she could...)

  10. Very interesting to see the old wedding photo's, such history to them. Everyone does look so serious, though I suppose they most likely had too wait around a bit for the actual photo to be taken. I enjoyed looking at their various outfits and styles of the time.
    Have a great weekend :)

  11. Oh gorgeous! I love all those old photos, I could sit and look for hours..x

  12. Oh gorgeous! I love all those old photos, I could sit and look for hours..x

  13. I adore old wedding photos. My nan and grandads wedding photo was the inspiration for my own 1940s style wedding :o) Scarlett x

  14. The lovely thing about old, it has history and so many stories to share.
    Thank you for sharing those pictures!
    Have a lovely weekend X

  15. Wonderful old wedding photos. Although I feel sad that they are no longer with their own family, I'm so glad they have found an appreciative home with you! Love those crazy quilts! No piece was too small!

  16. The wedding photos are outstanding. Love to see the different styles.

  17. i love your time link. have always had a soft spot for crazy quilt patterns...
    by the way? in your more recent post; i am in awe of those two bird prints!