Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A lovely visit.....

 I thought I'd share our almost 2 feet of fresh snow 
and its snowed over night again and its still snowing.....
 Look at my neighbors greenhouse....
 I love when the trees are covered...
 Look at Mr. Moose's nose all white from digging out branches...
we kept hoping he would show while are visitors were here
but of course no....
 George never makes it too long in the deep snow and he wants up 
just like a toddler.....
 Here was our three guests...the one in the middle is studying
to be a music teacher and the other two are going to be pastors....
the one on the right was Swedish and he noticed some of my 
Dala his friends asked him to say something in Swedish
So he did and after They asked what he said was " I hope Heidi can read 
the Swedish Blogs" made me laugh.
Super wonderful young men and what a fabulous concert they put on....all 60 of them!
 Mimi, Josie and Cory went out to build a tunnel in the front yard....
 Cory .....drum roll passed the Geography Bee test and is on to
state at the end of the month.....Say a prayer for him!
 Look at the snow miners...hard at work!

Sick of my tulips yet....hehe!!

The buffet at church was wonderful
 and the women won the contest of the cook off!

The guys on the way home that night I was asking them how the
Bear and Musk ox was....they said delicious!
I stuck to the sea food and it was wonderful!


  1. so glad your guests enjoyed their time with you (and you with them) - even if it was mooseless. :)

    good luck in state spelling bee! wow!

  2. Congratulations to Cory on the Geography Bee..I can hardly wait to see how that goes! I said a prayer for Cory to have a good time preparing for the State competition! - I never get tired ot tulips. xo

  3. No moose meat? (or is that not something you eat? I thought they ate elk in Sweden?) ;-)

    1. Yes there were probably a dozen dishes of moose meat.....I passed on them also I don't want to offend my little man in the backyard!

  4. look at that fresh snow and MOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!
    woweee looks like you've had a jolly good time with your visitors! the table display and tulips xxxx beautiful x

  5. Wow just look at all that snow! But you all seem to be having a cheerful soc1able and busy time of it!And your lovely warm colourful cheery home to go into!
    Love the photos of George, poor cold little paws!Logan quite likes the snow for a little while then he too wants up!
    Well done to Cory!
    Sounded like a great time was had with your visitors.

    Keep warm Heidi!

    Gill xx

  6. it looks so magical there, heidi! congratulations, to mr. cory. well done on the spelling bee. your visitors look charming, too.


  7. Im not sure what you been State do you mean that Cory is going away to school? Wow that is a lot of snow my boys would love that well for 1 day they would ;-) I bet they could build an igloo ;-) Glad to hear you had a lovely evening. dee x

  8. Wow, the snow.....what a contrast to my 79 degrees today. I never tire of tulips.
    Congratulations to Cory!

  9. I love George, he looks like a toydog!

  10. Hej Heidi, I think you can read the Swedish Blogs without google translate ;)
    I still love snow! Great to see your moose again.
    Have a nice day, lieve groet

  11. No, I am not sick of your tulip, I should go buy some! I love all the snow, your puppy is cute, wanting up like that. Thanks for sharing such a fun post!

  12. I love the contrast of your cosy indoors and your frozen outdoors! Wonderful photos and I really enjoyed reading about another little slice of your life. Thank you!

  13. What funny that deer animal in your garden! I wish you the best for 2012! kind regards mieke

  14. What a lovely fun post, sounds like you've had a great time.

  15. George looks soo cute! Congrats to Cory for his splendid result in the geography bee! Fingers crossed for the next level. Tam x

  16. Pleased your guests enjoyed their stay....Congratulations to Cory. Love your photos...its always a pleasure to pop over for a look.
    Hugs Debbie x

  17. Heidi - my son went to the State Geography Bee in middle school. He came in sixth! He had a great time! Good luck to your son!

  18. Heidi, your posts are so bright and pretty. Good luck to Cory at the contest. Diane

  19. Heya Heidi, looks like I can finally comment again, woo hoo! That snow is just beyond amazing, your council must have a lot of workers employed to get it out of the way!

  20. goodness
    what a hardy
    mrs 'h' you are
    i'd die
    in that cold
    and ask cory
    how he'd spell
    as in your
    (goodluck sonny jim)


  21. Wow that snow looks amazing. Enjoy the change of season. melx

  22. The snow look beautiful! we are having some major winter weather here - I am so ready for spring! That moose is so cute! I have never seen one in the wild before

  23. Congratulations to Cory!!!!!!! That is so exciting! I'm glad your visitors stay went well, and that the concert was lovely. Can you believe this snow? Yikes.

  24. life in da house, and outside!
    your george's a star, in'he, as are your kids, by the way!!