Wednesday, February 8, 2012

These were just in the weed pile....

 On Monday a friend helped me figure out why I couldn't change out
 any of my blog images, like my header and so on....
 since May I was shocked that I had 899 photos in my computer under one file...
 So as I started going through the process to delete these.....
 I started looking through the ones that never made the cut.....
 looking at the green outside made me so happy....

 Mimi took this picture of George.....we took him yesterday on our walk
he only made it halfway.....poor baby he had so much snow hanging in clumps
on his fur......poodle hair attracts the snow like a magnet.
 linen storage
 Mimi's dental visit
 tiffin these
This one brought back memories.....a picture of my shop
seems so long ago now!

I'm off to delete delete delete
and have my hand at storing pictures in their new home.
web albums.....wish me luck.

P.s. yesterday I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's
and How to Marry a Millionaire, then I went for a walk
another lovely day.....I better get to painted the trim though,
no more watching old movies!

Hope your all having a great week also!


  1. So many nice things...I would have loved to visit your sweet shop but I enjoy you sharing with us all of the wonderful things that you had in it! - I have so many pictures to sort and put in albums...ugh..Good luck with your organizing! xo

  2. Heidi, if you can get an external hard drive (like a flash drive) you can down load all of your pictures on to it. That way you don't have to delete them, if that is the only location you have them. I hope I saved you before you deleted all of them!

  3. What a treat to see your little shop Heidi, it's a shame you don't have it anymore..........I love the higgedly piggedly friendy clutter of all the goodies inside........just the sort of place I love to pootle around. It's a good thing you didn't take your sweet poodle for too long a walk, he may have returned home as a huge white fluffy snowball. xx

  4. I love the area around your kitchen table..what lovely colours! I love the yellow chairs and the blue wall colour. Such a sweet tablecloth as well. You have such a lovely collection of items :)

  5. lovely to have the memories, but like you i had way too many files and was slowing down my internet! made me get some developed and put into frames ;0)x...i pressed delete on about 15 files ;0)...and have a father lappy toppy for it ;0)x

  6. I have the same problem with too many photos. What I decided was to start last week, editing the photos each day I photograph. Now, I try to delete ones that are duplicate scenes. This leaves me with just the good photos. Then I title each one. I don't know if I will ever have time to go back to the old ones. Good Luck on your efforts with the photos.....

  7. I just love that photo with the greenery framed by your pretty window! No wonder it brought a smile!

    Sounds like you have had a lovely day,nothing like a good film for a winter's afternoon!

    MBB x

  8. I too have been working at deleting photos. Amazing how many I never used!!
    Have a Great Day!

  9. It is amazing how many photos we collect now that we have digital cameras.

  10. beautiful pics, heidi. i remained intrigued by all of your darling vintage bits and bobs. that vintage daffodil tablecloth is amazing. or as rosie would say, daffy down dilly tablecloth.

    i hope it went well for miss mimi at the dentist.


  11. ooohhh im love with the flowered casserole dish in your first photo that is so beautiful. And just look at your linen cupboard ;-)) Your shop looked lovely so many deights to the eye, but its lovely that you have been able to keep many items and you really do have some gorgeous things. I did the same as you the other day and had a delating session on my photo's it felt good afterwards ;-) Thank you so much for your dear comment you left me, your support means a lot. dee x

  12. Oh deleting photos is so sad….but it brings back memories that's nice ;O)
    Love the photo of your cute dog!!!

  13. I'm going to have to have that friend help me when she gets here. I probably have some catastrophes like photo thing too. It's fun going through your old pictures. I love seeing your store. Diane

  14. Lovely pictures, I've been doing the same thing lately...deleting photos because there are sooo many! Love all the pretty things you have collected, so many vintage treats!
    Helen x

  15. Hi!
    Really really beautiful pictures!
    I have the same problem with pictures, the number grows and grows and suddenly you realise that it`s 600 mb...
    Wonderful blog by the way!

    P.S if you lived nearby I would send you the salt&pepperset. It´s not really my style...

  16. I just spent a lot of time going through my old printed photos and my digital photos are next. Thousands to go through... Love the polka dot teakettle!

  17. wow, good luck, i should do the same!
    the nice thing is to look back and to find all of those that your forgot. all those sweet moments...
    you have plenty of them here.
    thank you for your comment for my bday!

  18. loving your film choice from afar, heids!
    ha, the deleting business. how d'you do? shall i come help? i love cleaning up image files!