Saturday, February 4, 2012

A few wants...and wants.....

 I love that the Spring catalogs are starting to arrive....
 I am so ready
 No one does urban cow girl like Robert Redford....
 These our are shorts here in Alaska.....
 adore this dress.
 did I tell you I found a great pair of boots in a consignment store this winter.
 all of the above images are from Sundance...I think this is my first 
that it has not been Anthropologie in a long while.
I loved the HEIDI skirt by Skhoop.....this is a must, don't you think
named after me....and all!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start.
Our oldest went to a friends for the weekend....
middle bookworm has finished a book
and the little one is having J.B.
singalongs.....night and day.
she's so funny singing and dancing.....

it has snowed for almost 2 days everything looks magical.


  1. My dream would be to fit in those jeans! Maybe I need to cut back on the kolaches....
    Stay warm.

  2. You have to buy the Heidi-Skirt, off course you'll ;o)
    I like most the second photo…just a little bit of all ;O)
    Happy saturday!

  3. Love the skirt with the boots!
    ....and your blog ;)
    Here in Hungary it is snowing too!
    ....yes, everything looks magical :)

  4. Hi Heidi,

    You found some great outfits in the catalogue. The two blouses and the green coat are my favourite!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  5. I also love the skskirt, but I like the longer versions!! I agree with you the skirt is named after doubts!!!!! Gosh I wish it were warm enough to wear the green coat!!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Chris :o)

  6. those cow boy like boots with floral detail are soooo cooool i love them!!!! x

  7. I do love that last skirt, actually all the clothes you chose! Are you getting any of them? My youngest would love to join in the JB dance-fest.

  8. Oh i wanted a green Trench coat one year, from Jigsaw, it was gorgeous with pretty lining too, as that matters!! Happy Alaska fashion dreams to you, the cowgirl boots are amazing, i want some when we have our farm, straight up, first thing i want to buy, after fencing, animals etc, love Posie

  9. At last the snow has reached the UK!!!

    Victoria xx

  10. What do those half cowboy boots have to do with Robert Redford?

  11. If I buy those cowboy boots, I'm in with half a chance, right?Lovely pickings. Have a great weekend, Heidi. x Snowing here too but as usual the country's grinding to a standstill!

  12. That skirt is those boots too! Keep warm! xo

  13. Love those boots:-)

    Have a nice sunday!

  14. Was thinking of you as I cleared some snow today! Love the boots.

  15. ahh love the dress and that coat i do like green clothes. Enjoy your snow it hit England yesterday but it didn't come to anything where i live nothing on the ground but the rest of the country is different. dee x

  16. Hello,
    I'm nw to your blog.
    I've decided to follow, as I just think your home and life style is totally adorable!
    Your pictures are so cheerful and just my style!


  17. Just love the cowboy boots with flowers. Annet

  18. Hello!
    Well I'm glad to have found you again!
    How lovely!


  19. Thanks so much for visiting and joining in my giveaway Heidi ~ sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend and yes... all of your choices are definite must haves, especially those jeans & boots!

  20. i can't hardly imagine snow falling for days on end... what it would do to a country, as it does to yours... all this whiteness. and then the boots, the right proper boots to go stomping the snow... ;)))
    lovely boots at sundance! don't think we have that shop around here..