Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thrifting part 2

 How amazing is this necklace....
 with this J Crew blouse and vintage Darlene sweater.
 This vintage silk dress....

 These two cute spring tops....
 A little poodle avon bottle to add to Mimi's collection
along with these vintage case she wants to be proper!
 I loved this little bathroom mirror....
 I wish I had bought the other 2 sets now also.....dumb!
 This sweet little 1958 set of cookbooks for $1

 Ok this little guy has been our tried and true friend
 since about a month ago when we had to replace our water softener
and dumped the remaining old salt here....
 So yesterday I found him pulling off the tarp on the 4-wheeler
Can't you picture him thinking does this lever start this baby up...
let me just gnaw on it for a while....
He is a yearling and he's quite cute you can see his little horn buds coming up.

Tomorrow I will share my thrifted re-do's.....
Have a great rest of the day!


  1. Oh Heidi how do you find them?!!!!
    the necklace is adorable, as are all the other things, but my fav thing here must be that set of cookery books!
    That moose is amazing!

    Cant wait til tomorrows post!

  2. That moose provides hours of entertainment ;-)) Great finds i would love to look through those cook books what a lovely find and great condition to. dee x

  3. Fabulous!
    They look amazing together.....I love crew clothing....last year I found a navy it!


  4. Amazing finds. That necklace is just my favourite colours!

  5. Hello Heidi!
    LOVE the necklace...Gorgeous...the card, the blouse...ALL your vintage clothes and finds. You should give us a twirl...
    The bathroom sign is really clever too ;-)
    I love your style.
    oh say hello to Mister Moose, you are so lucky he comes visit you, but I guess he knows that you and your family are good sorts.
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your thrifting finds

  6. I love all the clothes (and the necklace)! You have a talent for finding beautiful things.
    Klem Madelén

  7. Cool necklace!! Seems like quite a lot caught your eye. :) Nice scores!

  8. The clothes and necklace look beautiful. The cookery books look interesting.
    Debbie x

  9. Hey, I have some vintage earrings that were my mother's that is the same stone in gold as the stones going around the neck that you have. Gloves sure did bring back a flood of memories for me. Nice oost.

  10. Love the pictures! Looks like you found some goodies. (:

  11. Whoa..fantastic finds. I love the necklace and the colour of the cardigan is gorgeous.
    I'd quite like a moose in the garden!x

  12. Ooh what a cutie is moosey, you have some great finds, the necklace is devine. Julie xxx

  13. That necklace is really cute!! But i am a super fan of the moose. How sweet.

  14. I never, ever find things like this!!!!! So unfair ( my bottom lip is out ).....The necklace is wonderful, and all the clothes are such bold lovely colours....well done! You've made my mind up, next week I shall have to go on a thrifting adventure and see what treasure I can find!
    Nattie x

  15. Beautiful necklace, it goes so well with your lovely top and sweater.
    I love the little dish/bowl/teacup set..such a sweet design on it.
    You sure find some great things :)

  16. You have been on an opping spree! Surely there is not a part 3? And the moose, waiting for your next post where we see him hooning past in the background, across the lake. melx

  17. Hi! I love your clothes,necklace..and everything..

  18. Ohh my goodness, he is sooo cute! I also adore all your finds and that blouse is simply stunning. Have a great day. xo

  19. I missed a few of your posts Heidi so it was such fun catching up with all of your thrifted treasures, your trip to Anchorage and your little moose guy. That frog - I knew an elderly lady a long time ago who made frogs but I can't remember their exact design. Does that one have beans in it so it can sit? Diane

  20. Awww, look at your moose!! You see so much wildlife up close there.
    I love the blue and green necklace! My favorite colors!

  21. OOHHH just love your moose pics.
    Regards, Annet