Thursday, February 2, 2012

It didn't start off to be about bowls.......

 Well my start to this post was to be about moving this yellow
buffet out of the living room....
 to its new home .....
 I put this lovely lace runner over the top, which I treasure.......
thank you again Madelief.
 which inspired all of these....

 I love these flowers pins left over from the shop....

 I found this milk glass pedestal at the thrift shop not long ago
with my treasured cupcake from Diane, thank you again.
 a cafe au lait with a little Odd and Old.....she has a new art site.
 Miss Birdie Blue featured this garland and I fell in love with it and was sharing it with my friend 
Vicki that they were only .10 and she had already picked some up, I had to laugh!!!

 Its hard to see out the window our blustery winter conditions
all the blowing snow.....Moose pass was suppose to get 18-24 inches.
 A little Spring has sprung inside though.....
I will see you all next Monday 
as the kids are off of school till then.....
and with our warmer temps we are going to get out and enjoy.......

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week into the weekend!


  1. Your yellow cabinet fits perfectly underneath that window! Love all your enamel ware and of course the Dutch picture at the end is priceless... :-)

  2. so manny wonderful stuff!!!!I LOVE IT "-))

  3. Hello,
    I visited your blog today - I saw you on the lovely 'Ivy and Elephants.' Your blog is so pretty and cheerful to me. There is a peace and beauty about it, with lots of color. Me and my daughters started a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you. Your blog is filled with simplicity, and I am leaving here today with a smile. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. such fun with all of your vintage bits & bobs. i'd be moving and re-arranging all of the time, just for the joy of looking at it all. love the vintage lace runner, it's gorgeous.

    enjoy your weekend of warmer temps with your precious kidlets.


  5. I sure like how the buffet looks in it's new home and especially the way you styled it with the lovely snowy backdrop! - You have so many nice things that you share with us from your, now closed, shop..have you ever considered opening up an Esty shop so we might have an opportunity to purchase some things? I think you can even sell from your blog..might be fun! xo

  6. Have fun Heidi! I wish you a very nice and happy weekend!

  7. I just love old buffets like this one. You can store so many things in them. I can really aprreciate your collection of bowls. I'm also a collector of bowls!

  8. Hi Heidi,

    This is a post to my heart! All that china!!! You have a lovely collection of bowls.

    Your buffet looks good in it's new place. The runner and the French candles look perfect on it. Wish I could come over and see it for myself :-)

    Enjoy your weekend and the mild weather. It's terribly cold (for our standard) in Holland (-10 C.)

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  9. beautiful cheery things. Love the buffet; both in the living room and in it's new home!
    Have a lovely few days off

  10. How beautiful they are, all these things that you are showing us! :)

  11. oh what a lovely table runner, I'm a sucker for any vintage lace - I can't help hoarding the stuff! :)
    Jessie, xo

  12. Hej Heidi, lovely bowls do you have. It is so lovely all together.
    Have a nice weekend, lieve groetjes

  13. Hi Heidi, oh it is all so gorgeous! Your house is full whit the most beautiful items. The little pink chair is sooo sweet.

    Cory's room makeover int he last post looks great too. I love how he is ok with the wall colour so that you don't have to do more painting, bless him.

    Enjoy your week, its been a hectic one here, I'm back to work and the kids have just started their new school year, Tam x

  14. Heidi
    I love all your flowery goodies.
    The hutch looks good in front of the window too.
    Have fun with the kiddies this weekend!!

  15. I love the bowls with the rose designs! I also wish I could have a bit of the cold here. Its hot and we have had no rain and every plant is dying.

  16. so many
    delights h
    and hope
    the holidays
    are too
    (a delight)
    thanks for
    the mention
    (you are generous as ever)
    and visit to
    gallery 365


  17. Love those bowls and that muffin is so qute. Your home looks so cheerful! Read all your posts and love all your treasures :)have a great weekend :)Pam

  18. What a lovely blog, I just found it today :) I just adore all your pretty china bowls, what a stunning collection. I also love the yellow colour of the buffet.
    Have a great day!

  19. so many things to swoon over! I have the same milkglass dish and love it, great for buttons i might add. Those teeny chairs are soooo cute and that yellow dresser, love love love. I have been vacillating over painting something yellow or maybe duck egg blue , so hard to choose. melx

  20. The yellow buffet fits perfecly in front of the window! And what pretty little things you have! I loved this post!

  21. Well, I'm glad it turned out to be about bowls in the end! I do love your French bowls. I met a brocante dealer last summer who had some factory-fresh bowls like your stencilled ones. He was charging 12€ each for them - he'd bought up the factory stock from the 1950s and earlier. Sadly, 12€ is way out of my budget... I can get grotty ones for 50c or 1€, so that's what I do!

  22. Every single picture you take is filled with so many beautiful pieces. I have to ooohhh and aaahhh over every little thing. So many pretty colors. The yellow dresser looks lovely in it's new home by the window, topped with lace. And to answer your question, I'm in KS. I've been to MN. several times though.

  23. So really have the special touch my friend. xoxoxox

  24. Oh Wow your living room looks so cosy and snug love that yellow sideboard. I could just snuggle in front of that fire to. You have so many lovely items so pretty. Those red and blue vintage bowls are gorgeous. Hope the weather warms up for you, have fun, dee x

  25. I love your living room, the buffet looks fabulous, also adoring all the florals :o) Scarlett x

  26. Hello! I LOVE your things!!!!Have a nice weekend!

  27. Your beautiful vibrant house is such an inspiration. So many, little things to look at - I love it!
    Lovely weekend,
    Lilli :)

  28. I'm bowled over!!! (Sorry, couldn't help myself!!! forgive me, smile) I loved your post Heidi, it's filled with wonderful color!!!!! This Alaskan yearns for spring color and your post is just what I needed today! You have a regular "Fort Knox" of treasures!!!!!
    It's still snowing in town, wow what a winter!!
    Chris :o)

  29. Oh such beautiful finds, gifts & treasured pieces in your life, love it all. More posts about bowls please, they are so beautiful, love Posie

  30. I love the buffet under the window with the pretty curtain and beautiful snow scene outside. Your bowls are wonderful. I forgot about the cupcake, your're welcome, it's pretty in the milk glass, isn't it. Have a wonderful weekend Heidi, hope you don't get too much snow. Diane

  31. Beautifull pictures!!! I loooove your yellow buffet and the touch of spring in this blogpost!

  32. You really have some pretty things Heidi.