Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh Happy days.....

 Yesterday it hit 40 degrees....it was glorious!
 Jeremy came home sick from school yesterday.....
so fingers crossed we don't all get his cold!
Cory, Mimi and I shoveled a path down to Carol's lake that was a workout
in itself and then we walked around the lake...it was beautiful!
the neighbor had made a snow machine trail around it before our last snow.....
so it was a little deep but quite doable.....
the other day Mimi and Cory made buns in different shapes
heres Mimi's heart......
Saturday I thrifted an amazing pair of vintage 
boots......I will share them after there transformation....so excited!

Hope your week is moving right along.....
its amazing how a little warmer temps can put a bounce back in ones step!


  1. We were at an amazing 50+ yesterday & it gave me a bit of Spring Fever. WOW... 40 for you must have seemed like a heatwave.
    Have a Peaceful Day!

  2. Yay, there is light at the end of the tunnel! :-)
    By the way, did you manage to get some blog-maintenance done?

  3. Glad its a bit warmer for you, bet the harsh cold gets you down.

  4. I remember snowmobiling on a lake not far from Anchorage. Anchorage was my home for 7 years.

  5. Thank you for the cup of tea and conversation yesterday! As usual I loved it! Glad you got outside - it was SO beautiful out wasn't it?

  6. I have to admit that since it has decide it's not going to be Winter here, I'm ready for warmer weather too.
    That was really industrious, all that shoveling, but I bet the walk made it well worth it!
    Can't wait to see your boots.

  7. such a cute little heart :) hope your boy gets better x x x x

  8. I will stop bragging about our -30! :)
    Oh, the beauty of everything at your place. Always makes me happy!
    Stay warm and healthy!
    Lilli x

  9. Hi Heidi,

    I hope Jeremy will feel better soon! Mimi's heart looks very sweet. Love your floral cup :-)!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  10. I'm so glad you're having good weather! Ours is incredibly cold for southern France - the snow is lying on the ground and Son 1 can't go out as he's on crutches...

    I've just checked on a conversion chart and you guys are DEFINITELY warmer than we are at the moment! How bizarre.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway - it's been a great three years!

  11. Oh…Hope you'll a healthy week…and the best wishes for your son!

  12. enjoy your warmer weather. i hope your jeremy is feeling better soon. and, that it starts and ends with him.

    love miss mimi's heart shaped bun, perfect for that little holiday on the fourteenth.


  13. wow! 40 degrees for you sounds like heaven! stay well if you can!

  14. Hope Cory gets better!!!! I had a really bad cold this last Friday. My Mom told me about a natural product called Umcka thats available at Fred Meyer in the Natural/Organic section that worked wonders for her. I had a really bad cold, sore throat, headache, and body aches so I went out and bought the drops for myself. I'm not kidding, but I was feeling 50% better within 2 hours, pretty amazing stuff! I was back to normal the next day!!! Well, as normal as I can be...LOL!
    Your right about the warm weather, it does perk us up!!! I'm loving all the extra light in the afternoon!!! I can see the end of the tunnel!!
    Have a good week Heidi!!!
    Chris :o)

  15. Im so glad you have had some warmer temperatures its amazes what a bit of heat and sunshine does for ones soul. Love the plate the childrens bun is on that is so pretty and the bun looks pretty tasty to ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week lovely and i hope your little one feels better soon. dee x

  16. Enjoy the cup of tea (pretty teacup and teapot!). I Love the little heart bun, how cute. I hope your Jeremy starts to feel better soon, and hope you won't catch it either...pesky colds!

  17. Such pretty joys...hope you all stay healthy and Jeremy is better soon. YOur tea tins are soooooo lovely! Happy day to you my friend. xoxox

  18. Wow, a Winter Wonderland. Lots of shoveling, so good reason to enjoy a snack. Hope Jeremy is feeling better soon.
    Thank you for coming by to visit -
    Good day,

  19. sunshine
    quite simply
    is the key
    my dear h


  20. we are having snow and it is cold, but next week i am off to Dubai 30°C, here we have - 10°C! I like the buns, makes me feel hungry!

  21. So much snow there is in you!
    I hope your girl has been healthy.
    Home-baked buns, yummy!

    Hugs from Jane, who sees that it is -3 outside :)