Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Thrifted re-do's decorated into the mix!

 Well remember my previous thrifted tree and the birds that I found this
previous Saturday, well they inspired this new change....
 this poor living room wall is always changing from this...
 to this...
 to now this....

 George on neighborhood watch....
 for now I wont repaint these like I had wanted to a week ago...
 Now look at this dirty thing I know when I purchased it my fellow thrifters were thinking
 I had lost my marbles.....

 But over at Nadine's I had seen her flutterby post
 and was so inspired to have my own, now I had wanted the base black but my helper
insisted on pink.....we loved the outcome! 
Please check out Nadine's to see what it should really look like from a pro!
 Then going through my stash I discovered this treasure again.....
 it had this taped to the back of it....Do really think it's this old?
 I had had it in the shop for sale and then well it ended up in my house
does this surprise you....
Right at home our flutterby.....perfecto!

I hope your week is going well......
although it was a little cooler this morning it still feels like Spring is 
in the air, somewhere.....


  1. Love the vintage flower paintings! And the butterflies, amazing transformation from what you brought home :)

  2. i'm not one for thrifting, but your pup cracked me up!

  3. Wow, look how many you have.. *envy*.
    Beautiful decoration.
    Klem Madelén

  4. Love your wall Heidi! That yellow painting with the bunch of flowers is just beautiful.

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  5. your flutterby still life is gorgeous, my love! this is SO much better than the 'real' thing, i promise! prepped with love and understanding, yours is. i'm so glad my haphazzard discovery could inspire!

  6. Love the new look of your wall, isn't it fun to change it out every so often? Your butterfly 'cloche' is stunning! xo

  7. Well, of course the addition of a new item
    calls for a change. I like your bird/butterfly/florals
    wall arrangement. It's very springy!

  8. Great treasures and I love a rearrangement. You're the Queen of rejuvenation!

  9. OMG fab treasures, yet again. We really do need to sort out our shopping trip. ;) I love the pictures in your last post. Have a lovely weekend X

  10. Perfect vessel for your flutterby arrangement love the pink base. Makes me wish for spring weather, we had 5 inches of snow last night. The Swedish plate with the note is amazing, I have always like the colors and designs of Swedish painting.

  11. Love the flutterby dome! Also love he flowers painting!
    Just discovered your blog. Will be back!

  12. My favorite is the Swedish plate...I guess it is wood. It's possible it's that old. I have a photo, about that old, of my great grandfather, born in 1849.

  13. Wow i adore the flutter dome its beautiful sooo pretty what a great idea. Im glad you painted the bottom pink and not black the black would have been to harsh with those pretty butterflies. Your home is gorgeous i love your style that sofa looks so lovely with your cushions etc on. Have a great weekend, dee x

  14. Everything you have done is gorgeous, the wall looks great, I found one of those domes, my hubby thought I was made, but with a bit of work on it, like you, becomes a treasure. Good old George! Julie xxx

  15. That sofa is so inviting....I can just see myself reclining there whilst calling to Cowboy Boots 'Oi, you, peel me a grape'!
    Love your's very artsy and welcoming. Have a great weekend,
    ps Love George too!

  16. Yes indeed, the plate is that old! And it´s definitley from Dalarna. Wonderful!

  17. Swedish folk art - a wonderful time and dated too.

  18. Which ever way you do it it looks cute Heidi. Isn't it fun to get some old grungy thing and turn it into a treasure? Your flutterby is so cute. So is George, and so is that cute little sofa by your stove. Fun looking at your pictures. Blessings, Diane

  19. Nice walls with all different frames!

  20. Your living room looks so cosy and quirky, you have soime wonderful things! Love the old plaque, it does look old enough for its age.
    But look at George perched on the back of the sofa! So sweet!
    Gill xx