Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring In & Winters Out.....WOW!

 On Saturday I met a friend for lunch,
 and went shopping for groceries (no thrifting)
 treated my self to some Tulips as I have so enjoyed looking at all of yours....
 We have been having such mild weather....
 and then it started to snow here we had 12inches of fresh
snow yesterday afternoon...
 This morning we have about another foot of snow....
 a Winter Wonderland....
Today was my kids first snow delay ever....2 hours late! 
 Tonight our church is having a concert with MLC choir....
 We are hosting 3 men in our home....
 Mimi is not sure she wants a stranger in her bed......
  Were having an Alaskan themed potluck, I heard 
someone is bringing a Bear roast , I might pass on some of the game meat....
I am bringing my Seafood nachos.....It will be fun!
I will try and get some pictures of the dinner.

Have a wonderful Monday.....


  1. the snowfall looks beautiful! hope your guests enjoy your hospitality!

  2. Definitely the seafood nachos for me too! No Bear!
    I love your vignettes. You have such an eye for putting
    your treasure together. Of course fresh tulips make
    everything so much prettier!

  3. hiya heidi
    hope your happy
    sun is shining
    cold is snappy
    love your
    cheery pics mrs


  4. I looked up MLC Choir on the internet. Is your church Lutheran? Just curious because I went to Lutheran schools the first 12 years of my education.
    I also love are great.

    1. I'm in Texas and was lucky enough to have a Lutheran High School.

  5. The contrast between inside and out is amazing, and your tulips, your photos are so uplifting. Love your collections!!

  6. Hej Heidi
    Your images are lovely.
    LOVE your tulips! i am so glad you treated yourself.
    It's good to be kind to yourself
    Have a great week ahead
    LOVE PEACE enJOY those tulips and SNOW!

  7. Oh cheery tulips on such a wintery day! I need some of those too! Great pics. The up-side is that it's warm. . . YAYAYAYAY! See you soon I hope :)

  8. Can I say that, although I love the tulips, I am envying your snow ones? We had barely nothing like that. I love snow. I know it can be a pain, but I love it.

  9. The green pot with soda on it - how do you use it? Is it just for decorations. I remember those days in Alaska when it would snow a foot or two overnight. Sometimes, we get that here but not this winter so far.

  10. It seems that you are my weather girl...everytime you get the bad snow it seems to head our direction! - It will be fun to hear what everyone brings and to see some photos..have fun! xo

  11. Hej Heidi, I bumped into you at Cowroad ;)
    More snow!
    Lovely tulips and photo's.
    Have a warm day, lieve groetjes

  12. wOW! What a lot of snow! Love the tulips!

  13. Wow what a contrast in your photo's one minute snow and cold and then inside your home spring and gorgeous colours and warm ;-)) Have a lovely time tonight. dee x

  14. What springy pink photos.
    Have a lovely week

  15. Hi!
    Absolutly wonderful pictures! And I love the snow, I use to live in the Swedish alps with mooses just around the house. I had to check the yard from inside the house before getting into my car. Your pics brings a lot of happy memories back! I never forget when I had a fox in my car...
    Have a great monday!

  16. Lovely pink tulips....can't wait for spring this year!!!
    We have had our share of snow!!! Have a great week Heidi!
    Chris :o)

  17. These photos are just down right inspiring and breath taking. You have such an eye for color and arrangements....beautiful!

  18. Hi,
    You seemed to have had at least two seasons in one day!
    My daughter would love the snow. It does not snow very often in Cornwall, UK

  19. oh I adore the colours here today....snow seems to be still falling..we had a wee little bit on the weekend. Your oranges and greens make be crave spring! So very pretty. xoxo Happy new week

  20. Perfect photos and what a lot of snow too.
    Hugs Debbie x

  21. Love your tulips and the colour in your photos is wonderful ,melx

  22. oooh!!Lovely flowers and things!!So beautiful! Greetings Riitta Sinikka

  23. Snap, I was just coming over to you! I can't believe you’ve got all that snow. I think I might sell our house and move where you are. We haven’t had any snow this year. :-(
    lovely Spring pictures! :0)

    Lou xxx

  24. We had snow yesterday as well, although the predicted 6 - 8 inches failed to appear. I have never eaten bear, but I love moose! I can't wait until February is over!

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    Have a Great Day!!

  26. So beautiful flowers in the vase sweet :)
    Sounds exciting to be hosting the 3 men;)
    I'm sure they will get it great with you!

    Hugs from Jane

  27. Your tulips are so beautiful. The shots of the snow scenes are wonderful. My daughters keep hoping for some snow, but I think we're going to miss it this year.

  28. Look at all that beautiful color!! I'm ready for spring!

  29. Look at the amazing colour of those tulips! Beautiful pictures :o) Scarlett x

  30. Your tulips just sing spring. I have been having fun browsing some of your past posts. Such a cute blog. I am a new follower.


  31. Dear Heidi,

    I´m so sorry for my long absence to your beautiful blog. At the moment I´m very busy at work because I work in my two jobs 16 hours a day. Normally I work only 6 days per month in my second job at the gasoil station but this changes in the past and coming weeks. It is hard but I will have money for the next french flea markets - ha ha.
    I´m totally in love with your enamelware collection but I think you know that.
    It seems that winter is over here in germany, the crocusses and snowdrops are blooming, the sun is shining and temperatures are mild. Oh I love spring!

    Heidi I wish you a happy time with lots of thrifty finds and please don´t be angry about my less comments on your pretty postings. In april I think I will have a bit more time for blogging and commenting.

    lot´s of hugs and kisses,

  32. travelling by blogs, such a pleasure, there are only cats in my garden !! thanks for your visit on my blog and your very nice comment. If you want me to send you a picture of the book's cover with the frog, let me your email. Is your frog full of rice ?
    have a very nice day, somewhere between winter and spring !

  33. Winter outside, Spring Inside :) I just love the tulips, so pretty. The seafood nachos sound yummy, think I would pass on the bear roast though. Have a lovely time :)


  34. I always love to see photos of your colourful china and enamels on your shelves, and they look lovely with those beautiful tulips - all such cheerful colours!

  35. Gosh, bear roast? Is that for real? I think I'd stick to the nachos, they sound delicious.

    It looks so warm and inviting in your home and the flowers are beautiful.

    Hope you enjoyed the choir, Tam x