Sunday, February 26, 2012

Swifty the Turtle....

 Well it was Swifty the Turtle that made the cut this time.....
along with his family.
 Swifty is from the Enesco company
 made back in the 1950's...
 I will share the kitchen re-do next week, I had to 
work in my new funky orange canister set
 and Swifty looks great with them.
and heres Mr. Moose back for his daily hello, 
only he's a little tired today!

We were in a warm weather pattern up here and
well I commented on Birdie blue's magical winter scene
well what do you think we got last night our own lovely magical 
dumping of time no comment!  smile
 It does look fresh and clean again....AND
It was a bit early to have the spring bug....

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!


  1. the moose looks happily hunkered down in your snow. :)

  2. Love Swifty the turtle - never seen a set like that before, how wonderful! It has felt springlike here today so I've now cursed it and it will probably rain all next week!

  3. I like your collection of turtles! They make me smile!

  4. Swifty looks really cute Heidi! Enjoy your new week,


  5. aahhhh im loving swifty what a happy looking family i adore turtles and for my 30th birthday 10 years ago now yikes ;-) I had a little turtle tattoo on my tummy its only the size of a 50p but Turtles to me represent freedom they are able to roam where they want to and there so majestic and beautiful. Hello Mr moose i love seeing them and hello snow again ;-)) dee x

  6. Awww I just love Swifty the Turtle and his lovely family...they have certainly put a smile on my face.
    Hugs Debbie x

  7. I think you've been adopted by the moose Heidi. He just likes it around your house. Swifty the Turtly is a cutie. Diane

  8. The turtles are so cute! And I"m glad that Mr. Moose has found a nice safe place to rest.

  9. So cute!! I love those turtles. Have a happy day!

  10. Cute turtles!
    have a great week Heidi!

    Gill xx

  11. when i see the turtles in my side bar i thought awwwwww lkook at all those sweet chicks hehehehehehe ;0)...think cos of all the yellow!! funny to be greeted with turtles instead.
    i love your collections and especially the gallery of art works on your walls on previous postings- lovely xx

  12. How sweet, both the turtles and the tired moose! :)

  13. Just when you think spring has sprung! Love the turtles.

  14. Hurray for turtle power, they are super cute!!!
    Chris :o)