Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its all about Cory today....and his re-do!

 When we connected the store and house this summer.....
Cory our middle son moved into our old room.
We didn't have time to repaint and he was a good sport....
 But we needed to jazz it up a bit so we did a fun collage yesterday on his wall.
He likes the paint color or I think the kids are sick of painting from all that we did this summer.
 On Sunday we purchased a $5 map of the Kenai Peninsula
where we live....
 put up a few of his treasures...
 He loves this musical instrument made out of a coffee can....
he picked this out at our local 10,000 villages bazaar.
 I love that the map had a built in vintage touch...
 The quilt was made for him out of vintage wool clothing, 
it was a Christmas gift.
and heres a sneak peak on tomorrows post....

another happy little camper in our house after our extra cold winter
its nice to have a few changes inside since we have been stuck indoors 
more than ever this winter......cross your fingers we are suppose to get into 
the 30's this next week ,as long as it doesn't rain.....we will be in Heaven!!


  1. I know you are so sick of snow & cold but I hope you don't have too quick of a thaw!! Would you be in jeopardy of flooding??
    We are so warm here.... Wierd... This a.m. we are in the upper 40's & it feels like April!
    Love the map & room decor!
    Have A Great Day!!

  2. You sure are on a roll with all of your decorating...looks great and you are an inspiration for me right now with my clean out going on. - Looking forward to seeing more of the pretty bowls in your next post! xo

  3. I like the idea of painting the ceiling. Is it the same shade as the walls? The rug is perfect with all the colors to pull from.
    Can't wait to see tomorrows' post and more decorating.

  4. Hello sweety! you mean the little green one?
    It's old, from a fleemarked :)


  5. It looks lovely another great little room made over ;-) dee x

  6. So his little wall collage! Oh now I can't wait until I see more of those sweet little bowls...happy February! xoxoxooxx

  7. I'm sure Cory loves his "new" room, he'll enjoy having all those treasures and you kept it true to him. Cafe au lait bowl.............I'm looking forward. Diane

  8. Cory has good taste, the wall collage is gosh that's one tidy boys room, I'm impressed. xx

  9. So nice, love the collage! And your sneak peak for tomorrow looks fabulous!! :-)

    P.S. Your winter sounds cold! Can't imagine how cold that is... Today in Holland it's -3 C and everybody thinks it's tooooo cold! :-)

  10. All the colors in that room are so pleasing together.
    Can't wait to see more Cafe au lait bowls!

  11. Lovely room - great mix of things on the wall.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Love you ever stop for a rest???

    Lou xxx

  13. You made the wall in Corry's room look super! Looking forward to tomorrows post. Such pretty bowls :-)

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  14. love cory's room. it's perfectly happy. his vintage wool quilt is amazing.

    enjoy the warmer weather, my friend.

  15. Mmm those bowls look lovely. You've got me wondering!

  16. Thks for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I liek it here, too



  17. I've loved reading your posts about your home, sorry i haven't commented, its been abit hectic, but you have a lovely home and its sooo tidy!! hope it warms up for you, its freezin here!
    Sophie x

  18. i am smitten by that rug by the bed? handmade? did you? tell me!!!!!