Friday, February 10, 2012

Love you?

 If I could find it....I would fill my home with these delightful painted pieces,
there really works of art to me!

 love this one...
 love the vintage curtain tie backs....just another form to me of toleware.
 I have always had sellers remorse on this vintage wall piece....
 this piece remember I thrifted not long ago, I want to spray it
what color do you think?
 Love candle sconces.....
 I love my French light, fingers crossed someday to be re wired....
 love my vintage kitchen light maybe because it works....I must 
say these are a pain to clean.....
 look at these that are out there for sale....drool....
Live auctions
love this for a bedroom.....
anyway I'm off to run errands today and maybe do a little treasure hunting.

I will regroup today as the kids are having sleepovers this weekend....

still in the 30's to 40's all week, I'm in heaven....
Have a great weekend too, now I'm off to catch up with you!


  1. Paint it the color of your cuckoo's clock! (the turquoise) :-)
    (but plain white is the more obvious choice of course, or pastel pink maybe?)

  2. Maybe you could get some paint and brushes and try your hand at a type of Toleware of your own on that thrifted piece, might be fun! xo

  3. Gorgeous! Love the light fittings. Don't seem to see that kind of thing over here but I'm going to be looking from now on...

  4. those are pretty! i like the white toned one on the wall best!

  5. oohh those are really beautiful love the lampshades that one with the pink in towards the end of your posy is gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  6. You have so many beautiful things in your house! Have a lovely weekend... X

  7. you know i love vintage toleware, your collection is amazing. maybe paint that piece a fun cornish blue? high gloss white always works, too. whatever you do, it'll be perfect.

    enjoy your weekend, my friend.

  8. Yes Yes to toleware! I never ever see it.........
    your kitchen is heavenly. That sink!

  9. I've never seen toleware before so this was an eye opener. Is it the first one that is the curtain tie back? absolutely marvellous. Now to go and read about this form of art work.

  10. They're all beautiful Heidi. love the colors. Diane

  11. I absolutely LOVE your toleware chandeliers!!!! My daughter and I found a fabulous one in an antique market in the town where she was going to college a couple of years ago.... she really wanted it, but it was priced too steep for us.

  12. i love looking at toleware. the dusting off is a nightmare (ha, i see. you do agree). therefore i only want to look at it, like a-here... ;)))
    on the one you thrifted, would you even spray it? it's looking quite lovely as is.
    enjoy that weekend o' yours!!

  13. Gorgeous!! I bet they are fun to dust!!
    I thought you meant you were 'stuck dreamily in the 1930s & 1940s' tee hee. Enjoy the gorgeous weather, love Posie

  14. dont
    spray it
    leave it as
    it is
    (and you do


  15. So beautiful works of art! I love the one you thrifted the colours it is, but if you want to spray it I 'd say pale pink or powder blue.

  16. I love ,I love YOUR THINGS!!! Have a happy day! Hug!

  17. I never knew that's what you called it! I have a vintage French chandelier in the same fashion but no-one to install it for me.....know any electricians who wear cowboy boots?!!Have a great weekend, Heidi. Your home is so,so,so

  18. I just have to tell you - our cat ate that mouse today! I was thinking of you when I gave that warning...

    Anyway, you have a lovely collection here. I'm not so sure about the French lamps myself (of course we see a lot of them) but Ben tells me he likes them, which is a rare compliment from him (he's kind of modern country minimalist himself, so we have lots in common but he doesn't usually like 'fussy' stuff).

  19. Hello Heidi, what a fabulous collection of toleware, I do not have any but I wish I did. I like the colour of the one you wish to spray, maybe live with it a while before you decide? Stay war, Tam x

  20. Heidi I love the look of them. So so pretty!

  21. Hi Heidi....they look so pretty. I love the colours.
    Debbie x

  22. I went back and read about this form of art and discovered I have one tray. It originally came from Georgia and it is with the stylized roses on black background! I am so chuffed that I discovered this bit of news!!!! but it has made me want more now. I never knew that this was what I had!!!!!

  23. Oooooo, very pretty!!!

    Enjoy your warm weather, Heidi - it was in the teens here yesterday...brrrrrrrrr.