Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Blog to share.....with Glee!

I wanted to share a new blog

My girlfriends daughter Elan, who I have admired since she was about 6 years old
with her equally adorable sister Alyeska who is a year younger
when they would come with there Mom to visit my little shop.....

Little Elan had style then, wait till you see her wonderful blog.....
and I wanted to thank them for turning me on to Glee.
I'm always late to catching on to shows,
do any of you watch this?


  1. yes, i watch glee. no matter how crazy or racy or weird it gets, those actors/singers have serious talent! :)

  2. I don't watch Glee...I'm a boring news freak, can't get enough info! - Off to check out the new blog. xo

  3. Oh a new blog! I love this characters clothes, really great! And Glee is great!! They are doing newer music now which is ok but some of the remakes of older stuff is really awesome! Enjoy!!

  4. Thanks Heidi. No, I don't watch it. I've heard about it though(in my art room and on the computer instead, I guess)Diane