Saturday, March 3, 2012

Planning and plotting....

 I sat in bed drinking coffee till 9:15 this morning...
 shameful Iknow but so nice watching the snowfall outside...
 I'm thinking of a bedroom re-do nothing major
more like a switch out....

Heres a sneak peek at my kitchen re-do
Green, yellow and my beloved orange!!

I'm off to clean the church this morning....
have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


  1. I am loving your kitchen collectibles. Those daisy canisters are really cute! Happy weekend to you.


  2. Hey Precious Girl, nothing wrong with having a sleep-in on Saturday mornings - I would have done the same myself this morning but I was called out to do that 'Angel of Mercy' thang that I seem to do so well for everyone else these days! Today it was for my Ma so I didn't mind so much. How lucky you are to have a walk-in wardrobe which looks full of pretty things. I absolutely adore your orange canisters. They're very cheery.I'm not so sure about them turtles though..they kind of creep me out! I replied to your comment on my latest post via email but not so sure if you got it so thank you so much, Heidi for passing by. It's ALWAYS a pleasure hearing from you. Hope the church was easy cleaning today. Lots of Love. xxx

  3. re-dos are fun. I have several quilts with different color schemes. My bedspread is white, but I fold a different quilt at the foot of the bed and use matching pillow shams. When I get tired of one, I simple change out the quilt. Keep us posted with your re-do!

  4. Oh it always looks so crisp & fresh around your house, i would never get bored looking at anything on your walls or shelves, so beautiful. You know Australia's colours are green & yellow, for wattle, makes for revolting sports uniforms though, i love your red, white & blue (like our flag) as your athletes always look so great. Love Posie

  5. I love your house more and more everytime you show us a bit more...every inch of it seems so very interesting and bright and happy and fun! - Bless your heart for helping clean the church. xo

  6. As long as we're rearranging and redoing our lives never get dull. We always stay in love with our homes - don't you think.

    I love the smell of churches and I'm sure the ladies that clean them have a lot to do with that.

    Have a great Sunday Heidi. Diane

  7. how do you do it? what animals are those tiny teapots? are they bees standing on their hind legs? i mean, where the heck do you unearth these from? never, did i see this rarity anywhere, but chez toi! a splendour!
    good luck with the rearranging. i can feel you brooding from way down here...

  8. Hi...I love looking around all your wonderful collectables, it always looks so interesting in your house.
    Debbie x

  9. Oh I love your kitchen it is so haPpy and fresh and fun xxx

  10. Watching the snowflakes?! Oh, I'm jealous ;O)…here in Amsterdam is almost springtime beginning…means everything is gray and plus 10 Celsius…
    Wish you a nice week, Heidi!

  11. Hello Heidi
    LOVE that walk in something out of a Homes & Gardens magazine.
    Your groups of collections always look so brilliant ;-)
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your Sunday

  12. Looks lovely!! I like the happy colors! Hope you enjoy your redo!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. Redos are always fun...I do love your walk in closet! Don't redo that! May your week be blessed my friend...thank you for your kind comments you always leave me. xoxo

  14. The turtles just make me smile - how cute.

  15. You have one of the most colourful houses I know Heidi. I love it!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  16. Oh it's so nice to have a little poke around at your place, the walls are so WHITE and all the colours so vibrant. And I'm always up for a good re- arrange. And sleep ins? Enough said. melx

  17. Hi there. I am visiting at Kimberly's request and I wanted to see your awesome moose pictures. I love the beautiful colour in your home! So many bright decorations and dishes ~ wonderful! I hope you have a blessed week. Pamela

  18. Those turtles are wonderful!!!! Where in the world do you find all your wonderful treasures?!!!! I have been such a bad blogger lately, but I enjoy checking on your sight!!!
    Way to busy lately, can't wait for spring break!!!
    Chris :o)